Abandoned Atrial lead tip

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Happy Saturday, hope all are well. (During this weird and scary time...)

Last August (2020), I had my leads removed then replaced at time of pacemaker replacement, my atrial lead threshold was too high, it wasn't capturing, so needed to be replaced.  Surgeon opted to replace the ventrical lead at the same time. They couldn't get the atrial lead out completely so the tip of this lead was abandoned and remains lodged in my atrium. Since this surgery, the ventricular lead was again revised/moved because it was triggering phrenic nerve. 

Now, I have an ongoing ache left of sternum. Pain is usually there all day, it fluctuates in intensity. X-rays show the abandoned tip including what is described as "frayed wires" coming from same. An echocardiogram has ruled out pericarditis, I am scheduled for a CT angiogram to rule out blockage. 

Would love to hear from anyone who also has had a lead tip abandoned and if they experienced pain due to this. How was it remedied? Any information would assist. When I search on line, there is a lot of information about entire abandoned leads, but not if just the tip is left behind.

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