by lana - 2007-06-30 11:06:21

The Dr. told me it would feel like a mule kicked you in the chest. I haven't experienced it yet and hope I don't.

I been shocked!!!

by Nibor1 - 2007-07-01 08:07:55

Well, you are in luck, this past Friday I got to experience it, now I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I have a whole new round of questions for the medtronic guy, I have learned better than to ask my surgeon, he may know how to put them in, but I think thats where his knowledge stops. I had witnessed a dog attacking my cat, no one was around, I have just had my defib. for a month(to the day), I had no choice but to stop the fight, it was a big dog, and I won,(sort of). well as I came in the house, I was out of breath but thats it, I got shocked, it brought me to my knees and the booming sound was so loud in my head! My heart hadn't stopped, i immediately jumped to my feet after the shock, took two steps and got it again! I headed for the phone, (about another three steps), dialed 911, threw the phone to the counter,( I was scared to hold anything) began yelling the information, and got it AGAIN! I then layed on the floor and prayed the damn thing would stop shocking me, thank God, it did. The ambulance came, I eventually stopped shaking , and ended up at the emergency room. I really am trying to make a long story short, as it turned out, I had a lead out, have had for weeks, a chest x-ray finally convinced them. My defibrillator, "maybe" should have went off the first time, but the medtronic guy saw no reason for the other two shocks. personally, I didn't either. I hope it malfunctioned because of the lead being out. i had asked about the kicking feeling I had been feeling, and Smitty and Dave were the only ones that offered a reasonable explination, my surgeon had no idea. So, as for how it feels to me, you are "brought down" and I hope I don't have it happen again unless I am unconscience. I go in to have one lead put back and another one that is half out. I still have alot to say, advice if you lady that checked my defib after 1 week, was happpy to tell me to remove my sling after 1 week, she said use your arm, just wear it to bed, and I did. Well, DON'T!!! I would recommend wearing the thing for at least 2 weeks, day and night.I am going to this time. And if you feel a "hic-up" feeling on the inside, have a chest x-ray done to be sure you haven't pulled a lead. I was at the doctor four days before I almost got shocked to death, and asked about the "kicking" feeling I had been having, he just looked at me like I am a whiner or something, he had no clue. I told him it happened three times while they were doing my ekg, he said, well, it isn't your heart or I would see it. Oh, the cat disappeared for the night and was back yesterday, she had to be taken to the vet and she has some serious injuries, but is going to be okay. That helped, (a little). once again though, i don't think I would have been wrongly shocked even exerting myself like I did, if the lead hadn't been out. You didn't say what it feels like to you, or how long you have had your defibrillator. the mule explanation is a good one, and the sound will forever ring in my ears! Best of luck to you and I hope my going on and on helps someone. God bless, Robin

oh my god

by jessie - 2007-07-01 12:07:09

i am so glad i don't have a defib

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