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WIth my intial implantation (Aug 2020) it took until October to get the settings so I felt "good". After that I was feeling way less symptoms (I had been dizzy from sun up to sun down). In that transition I changed offices and the new place found a second degree type II block that my PM wasn't set for. Things were good.

In December 2020 I had to have a pocket revision (already) and still wasn't back to work full gusto. Now that I am, I'm having a heck of time getting an adjustment that feels "good". It's frustrating to wait weeks between adjustments when you don't feel great.

I'm having trouble identifying if my HR is increasing too fast with movement and that is creating the symptoms (lightheadedness, mostly)? Or not fast enough? I just know I don't feel great. I know everyone is different, but.....

Does it always take this long to get there??


PM settings

by ar_vin - 2021-03-23 12:30:07

You don't say what your diagnosis was for getting a PM - please do complete your profile with details so you get relevant responses.

Depending on your underlying condition and your lifestyle (active athlete etc), it can easily take several months to get the settings adjusted to your needs. I got my PM in September 2018; it took until around May 2019 to get settings that felt good especially during my longer, harder hikes and runs. It also took a lot of reading my PM documentation, questions here on this forum and a LOT of very useful help from other physically active forum members. I went back twice to my EPs clinic just for settings adjustments.

The other things that would factor in to all this could be: incomplete/incorrect diagnosis of your condition AND/OR progression of your condition over time.

Be patient, get your settings data from the PM clinic, ask questions here, read up on your PM settings documentation on PM vendor's website and then go back and request settings adjustment that might work for you. It is a process of trial and error.

Hope you find settings that work for you.



PM settings

by AgentX86 - 2021-03-23 14:04:09

I'm not sure why you have to wait weeks but it often takes a little while to get used to new settings.  After three years, I still have them tweak my settings to improve performance climbing stairs (the cheapest FitBit can measure stairs, why can't a $15000 pacemaker?).  The last time they got RR a little on the sensitive time and I could really tell that it was gettign goosed riding home.  It felt odd but the feeling went away after a day or so.  I'll probably try to get the sensitivity cranked up some more, if they will.



by TraJac71 - 2021-03-24 00:04:55

ar_vin = So my initial reason was sick sinus syndrome and second degree type II block. I ask questions when I'm there for sure. What setting data or documentation do you get that you can review??

Agent X86 - Sometimes it's tough to get in, which is why I have to wait. I went two weeks ago and go back tomorrow. There is one guy who does it and I feel so good after his adjustments, but I'm not seeing him tomorrow. I try to ask for him but it doesn't always work out.

Check the PM vendor website for device documentation

by ar_vin - 2021-03-24 00:30:55

And be prepared to read some dense technical manuals. It's nothing complicated but you need to get familiar with the terminology.

Ask questions at your next appointment and ask for a detailed printout of both your PM device interrogation report and settings; I also take a USB thumb drive with me and get a PDF copy of the report etc on it from the PM clinic. It helps to look through it along with the device documentation from your PM vendor's website. Call the support line for your PM vendor if you need help finding device details and documentation.

Come back and ask more questions here; there are members with a range of implanted devices and some one will respond to your questions.

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