Stinging and discomfort after 4 months

I've had my Medtronic  PM for 4 months but I still have lots of stinging, discomfort and soreness. I've called my surgeons office and seen him several but they want me to give it six months. It's very frustrating because I had absolutely no symptoms except tiredness before my implantation and now I've had four months of discomfort and stinging. Anybody else had this? Suggestions for dealing with it.



by Linnie - 2021-03-22 19:19:59

I am at 5.5 months after surgery and I still get the stinging sometimes. I actually have to look at it to be sure I do not have a bee or ant biting me. I do have to save it is lessening in how often it happens.It will get better. Hang in there!


by JayKay - 2021-03-22 19:38:43

I'm three months post implant, and have the same kind of occasional stinging Linnie described. The area is still very sensitive to touch as well. Fortunately, if nothing touches the incision site, there is little discomfort. Hope your discomfort eases up soon.

Stinging and sensitive to the touch

by AgentX86 - 2021-03-22 21:13:07

I don't remember when the weird sensations went away but mine was quite sensitive to the touch for eight months.  It was interesting because all of a sudden it wasn't.  I don't know exactly when it happened but all of a sudden it crossed my mind that I hadn't felt any pain for some time.


by Julros - 2021-03-23 01:30:22

Yes, the stinging and burning lasted past 4 months. I sought physical therapy at 3 months when the EP nurse practioner said he had nothing to offer when i continued to have pain. I could barely tolerate clothing touching my site and sleep was difficult. The physical therapist thought my pain was due to nerve damage, and gave me exercises to promote movement and nerve healing. The incision was still tender to touch at 6 months when I was able to see the EP doc. He theorized that I may have had an atypical infection. 

I thought I was a freak until I found this site and learned than pain lasting longer than a couple of weeks, was not that unusual. 

Mine was sensitive even after 6 years

by seenu302 - 2021-03-23 08:40:53

It never felt normal and always had sensivity around the scar (I am a keyloid guy). I was told that the nerves would heal in  6 months but it varies from person to person. Now my device got upgraded to ICD and have to go over through all of it again.I look at it as the cost of doing business i.e staying alive, spending time with family, friends, enjoying the world  etc.


by Marybird - 2021-03-23 13:26:58

I think I noticed at least occasional stinging at my pacer scar for about 8 months post implant. Whoever described it as feeling like "ant bites" was right on, that's exactly what it felt like to me. I think I read that this feeling could be due to irritated nerve endings- perhaps as they are healing and growing back. 

After 1 yr 9 months post surgery, I don't notice any more stinging. On occasion I have a bit of itching around the scar, but it's not the scar, which has healed into a thin white line. I have a bit of pinkness on a few places around the scar, but it's superficial and I suspect that might be ( maybe) a slight foreign body reaction on my part. It's not as pronounced as it was, but I found rubbing cortisone cream on the area ( well after the scar healed)  helped. 

They tell you nothing!

by heartu - 2021-03-26 17:01:06

After they place the pm in they have done  their job! When I got my first pm and I had no problems. Fast forward 10 years when I had to get a CRTD I developed nerve problems (3 nerves) in my left arm. The EP said normal,  normal, NORMAL! except when it did not get better and could not offer me anything more than to get physical therapy and only after I asked him  for a script.

What was unfortunate for me is that all this happened  when we went under lockdown last March and I could not schedule any other doctor visits. Luckily I was able to  find a PT who was open and accepted new patients and that helped me immensely.

What I learned:

1. Ask when you can start massaging your scar - believe it or not scar adhesions can create many problems. Find a massage therapist who is knowledgeable in this area.

2. Physical therapy is great, but occupational therapy is even better if your hand is affected and you have nerve problems. I am working with a hand therapist now (yes a year later) and am making great progress after 4 weeks (did almost 16 weeks of PT last year, but they were not hand therapists/occupational therapists who work from shoulder through hand)

3. Don't hesitate to contact an orthopedist for your arm/ shoulder/hand so that he can refer you further if needed.

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