So I am an idiot 😒. I've had my pacemaker for just over a year.  Recently started going to the chiropractor for severe neck issues causing neurological itching of my arms which is enough to drive a person crazy 😜 She uses an activator. Pushes hard with the metal activator and clicks it... On Friday she adjusted my shoulders and I totally forgot about the pacemaker! I don't think it was directly on the pacemaker but above, maybe hitting the edge a bit.  this was the second time.  So now that area is sore and has a firm lump on the side of the pacemaker  towards the shoulder and seems there are smaller lumps also.   Kinda freaking me out that I did damage.  Anyone experienced similar?  Would my Medtronic app be aware if there was a problem?  
ugh... how did I forget? 😭



by TAC - 2021-03-21 15:05:19

Lumps around the pacemaker following a bump on it could be small hematomas from broken capilary blood vessels. The sudden moved of the PM tore those tinny blood vessels and they bled. Most likely it cause no damage to the PM. The hematomas (lumps) might turn blue, but they will go away by themselves after several days. I don’t advice the use of ice or heat local applications, because the change of temperature could be sensed by the PM. 

pretty hard hits

by dwelch - 2021-03-23 20:23:21

I have had a couple of pretty hard hits to the pacemaker over the years plus many minor taps.

Depending on your condition you might be able to just tell if things are not working right it should have started immediately (if a lead broke). 

Just call them and do a check they might be able to tell from the take home box depending on the device, your condition, etc, otherwise you would want to go in and have it interrogated there.

Thank you

by SoulShine - 2021-03-24 00:56:44

Thank you for your comments.  It seems ok.  She thinks they feel like swollen lymph nodes? Ugh.. always something but guess I will get it checked out.  Thanks again! 

You are not an idiot ☺️

by Lisarose - 2021-03-27 14:40:24

Hi Soulshine, 

You are not an idiot, we all forget sometimes.  It's actually good in some ways that you are not hyper focused on that little robot in your chest! It's easy to remain distracted and worried about the what if's, and while yes, it's important to take necessary precautions, it's also good for your emotional health that you don't allow pacemaker thoughts to take up every waking moment πŸ€ͺ

hope you the bump healing continues,


Thank you

by SoulShine - 2021-03-28 16:26:35

Thank you for the pep talk! 

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