Got my device upgraded from PM to ICD to handle the sustained vtac episodes.My EP had to extract 2 leads by going through the groin and luckily it went smooth.I guess its one silver lining of having surgeries done at a relatively young age.Now I am Bi-V paced and the pain isn't too bad.Hoping to get back to my IT work in a couple of days. WFH due to covid means I dont have to commute atleast till June and may be longer.Thank you for all your encouraging words and support.BTW the name I chose for my ICD was a bomb :) .


Bomb - Wow that is tempting fate

by Gemita - 2021-03-21 06:42:14

but you must be full of confidence that it won't activate.  I really hope for the very best for you and I am so pleased to hear your news.  Take it easy and stay safe

Groin wound

by AgentX86 - 2021-03-21 23:25:40

It's great that they decided to go for the CRT device.  I think it's the obvious long-term choice.  I was surprised they'd even think about doing anything else, since they already have to change it before its time.

I'm sure you'll be fine.  I never had problems with the groin wounds (I've had many) and was even back walking immediately.  I too have a "desk job" but, of course, I was working in the office at the time.  Unless you have a hematoma, it should heal very quickly.

I'm doing WFH, now, too.  I like it.  There is a reason I didn't retire when we shut down a year ago.  Well,  a reason other than my wife.  ;-)  I do plan on retiring soon after we go back, though the word is (from management) that we'll never go back to full-time on-site work.  WFH has ben very successful and we will be able, as business allows, to WFH even after. Businesses have learned a lot this year.   Some have even learned to trust their employees.  ;-)

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Bad hair days can be blamed on your device shorting out.

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But I think it will make me feel a lot better. My stamina to walk is already better, even right after surgery. They had me walk all around the floor before they would release me. I did so without being exhausted and winded the way I had been.