Feeling "clumsy"

I had my PM procedure in late Dec 2020, all has gone well, back to normal activties and feeling for the most part good with the exception of feeling somewhat "clumsy".  Not dizzy but just a little off which seems to be effecting my Golf game (tragic)!  My PM is set to 70 which is on the high side.

Anybody else expierence anything like this?




by AgentX86 - 2021-03-17 22:29:44

I feel like that, particularly my legs don't work as they should sometimes.  I don't think it has anything to do with my PM but it may be indirectly heart related.  AF, in particular.

I've had "dizzy" spells for a long time.  Always in clusters and the clusters were spaced about a month apart, with occaisional missed months.  About 18 months ago, I had a seizure (about 10 months after my PM implant).  An MRI showed what could be some small "white spots" but the results were indefinitive.  These "white spots" are thought to be micro-infarcts where tiny blood clots, due to uncontrolled Afib, made their way to the brain, causing damage.  Not enough damage to impair one in any obvious way but enough to upset normal electrical conduction in the brain.  During the "dizzy" spells, I'd have trouble walking a straight line and would veer off to one side, usually to the right.  After the seizure, I feel like I'm walking in a canoe and very small imperfections in the floor are strikingly obvious and annoying.  Of course, my neurologist looks at me like I'm crazy.  The same sort of look other doctors gave me when I said I had "dizzy" spells in clusters close enough to a  month apart that I could predict when they would hit within a day or two.

I put "dizzy" in quotes because it wasn't spinning-dizzy, rather a falling forward feeling.  I also developed a sense of a paticular smell during.  The symptoms were (are) quite distinct.

So my symptoms aren't caused by the pacemaker directly but could be at least tangentially related.  You may want to see a neurologist so he can look at your third eye, too. 



70 BPM

by Linnie - 2021-03-20 14:53:01

I had my PM put in Oct./2020. I was also set at 70. When I went in for my first device check they asked why I was set so high. (I didn't know-my EP said he thought I would be happy with 70. Don't know why.)  I am a hiker and I tried to get back on the trails and I noticed that I would usually go 3-6 miles and now 2 miles made me feel like I had cement legs. Also I was getting increasingly short of breath.At my 3 month EP check, with his PA, I mentioned the shortness of breath and she set me up for a nuclear stress test. All normal.Now at 5 months post surgery, I went in yesterday to see my EP and he modified my setting for a better HR response when I am active. He put me down to 50 while I sleep, 60 during the day and 140 for my AF. I don't think I was getting restful sleep with my HR staying at 70 all night. Today, I am a little foggy or light headed, but I feel so much better and I am not short of breath. I have energy again!

Good Luck!

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