Had pacemaker implant Oct 2020 and have had at least 6 adjustments! Having dizziness and feeling that my heart is beating loudly and weakness feelings. Asked nurse to check if any events had shown up from the monitor that is by my bed! All looked ok she said! Why am I getting these symptoms  if nothing is showing! They come on with no warning and I am not doing any strenuous activities. The reason for my pacemaker is bradycardia and sick sinus syndrome! This is a scary situation for me! Any information would be so appreciated. 



Have you started Flecainide?

by Gemita - 2021-03-13 15:04:54


Have you by chance started anti arrhythmic Flecainide?  I know your doctors recommended you start treatment.  I got those symptoms when I first started the med but it settled quickly after a few days.  Alternatively, is your dizziness/palpitations still being caused by your ectopics because ectopics (premature ventricular contractions) may not be monitored by your clinic because they are usually of no concern, so when you asked whether anything was picked up, they would say no.

In your shoes, I would firmly explain to your team that what you are feeling is real and your symptoms are difficult to tolerate.  Did you ask about increasing your lower heart rate to try to outpace your ectopics?  I cannot remember if you are on a beta blocker?  If your symptoms are caused by ectopics and you are so symptomatic I would ask for treatment.  I would also ask them to check your bloods for electrolyte disturbances, thyroid problems, infection and other causes for dizziness and palpitations.  I recall writing at length in an earlier post about possible causes and ways to help yourself.

I would push for answers and further external monitoring to see what is happening when you get symptoms, and to try to correlate your symptoms with your arrhythmia (ectopics or other?) to get to the bottom of your problems, since they have been going on for too long.  Ectopics, if prolonged and frequent, can certainly cause these debilitating symptoms.  I was absolutely miserable with them and mine led to worsening arrhythmias too.  Good luck



by Jam - 2021-03-13 16:36:15

Thank you Gemita for your reply! I started Flecainide and just stayed on it for 3 days. I had the same symptoms I have been having and the doctor said stop it. I am on a beta blocker Toprol 75 mg once daily. I thought perhaps a beta blocker with Flecainide might be the problem. Well off Flecainide still had the symptoms. I am still taking the beta blocker and now I am wondering if that was the problem. Thinking I may need a different blood pressure med. I have a dr appt in two days and will be anxious to see what is the problem.  I hope they can find out!

Maybe a change in blood pressure medication might help with ectopics

by Gemita - 2021-03-13 16:50:13

Yes I hope your doctor can help.  

If your blood pressure is not well controlled, that can cause dizziness.  Do you know what your blood pressure is when you feel your symptoms?  If you have a blood pressure monitor, try taking your blood pressure next time, but take it seated if you feel dizzy.  Make sure you are drinking enough fluids too (water) and not too much caffeine!  That will help.


by Jam - 2021-03-13 17:25:28

Thank you Germsta try your suggestions.

blood presurre

by prettylady - 2021-03-13 19:14:47

I have bought 4 different blood presuree machine. and none read right. check them

with my doctor. anybody have a good result  with a blood  presurre machine


by Gemita - 2021-03-14 07:26:20

Yes I have very good results with my quality blood pressure machine most of the time which I purchased in the UK from my chemist (their own brand).  

A good quality blood pressure monitor like Omron Smart Home Blood Pressure Monitor will be a good choice.  However, please remember that when we have any sort of arrhythmia/palpitations, it can make any home monitor error since they cannot always cope with arrhythmias, particularly fast, slow or irregularly irregular heart rhythms like atrial fibrillation.  Even benign ectopics can cause monitoring difficulties, so this is maybe why you are getting some strange readings? 

I usually take at least three readings a few minutes apart to get an accurate assessment of my blood pressure and heart rate at any given time.  I can feel what my heart is doing in any event from some of my symptoms (breathlessness, dizziness for example for me would indicate Atrial Fibrillation).  From my neck pulse I can feel fast, slow, regular, irregular rhythms and my blood pressure monitor confirms an arrhythmia from both my heart rate and blood pressure spikes and falls.  Out of an arrhythmia, my blood pressure is always low and so is heart rate but with an arrhythmia, both heart rate and blood pressure can flip from one extreme to the other and massively.  My blood pressure monitor, remarkably, copes very well, only errorring occasionally so I have complete confidence in my recordings.  The monitor has been assessed as accurate by my own doctors.  Good luck

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