first visit tomorrow after surgery

any advise for the visit. I know I will  get the  bandage remove. any else wi.l will  happen?


Still early days

by Gemita - 2021-03-09 12:25:14

Hello Prettylady,

I see you only had your pacemaker implanted a week to 10 days or so ago.  I do not think therefore tomorrow there will be too much going on other than a wound check to make sure that you are not experiencing any difficulties with your device, and to check for any swelling, redness, or any signs of an infection around your device.  They may then clean around the wound and remove any dressings and any non dissolvable stitches.

I do not recall going back for a wound check at 7-10 days.  I recall I had absorbable stitches and these dissolved over several weeks without any intervention from my medical team.  I was given clear instructions about how to care for my wound and what to look out for in the way of any swelling, redness or signs of an infection.  

I then had a 6 week first check for my pacemaker (but tomorrow would be too early for this for you I would imagine).  I then again went back at 3 months for a full download of my pacemaker data and a complete check of things like battery, leads, settings, events + to discuss any symptoms that I was getting.  The pacemaker checks were carried out by my EP's technician and then I was seen by my EP (Electrophysiologist consultant) afterwards for review.  But that will be in your future.  

All clinics will have their own way of working and managing their patients and this may be different depending on where you live, which hospital you attend, which doctor you see.

If there are any concerns, do ask your nurses/doctors tomorrow for advice.  You could ask if you could resume driving again for instance, depending on your condition.  Good luck and don't worry about tomorrow.  You will be fine.


thank you

by prettylady - 2021-03-09 13:36:53

ok thanks. I thought it would be. more than that.i did notice some  red around the wound. is that bad?

Some redness/swelling around the wound can be normal as we heal

by Gemita - 2021-03-09 14:27:55

Some redness may be perfectly normal within this period, so don't worry.  They will check it tomorrow and if there is any concern they will take action.  I had slight swelling and redness for a couple of weeks over the device and across the wound which they told me was normal.  My husband had a lot of bruising with his pacemaker.  It is only if you have oozing from the wound itself or the whole area looks over swollen, over inflamed, would I be worried.

Your appointment tomorrow may include more.  Were you told at discharge what might happen on your return for a wound check?  

before wound check

by new to pace.... - 2021-03-09 14:41:35

I had raised bumps and itching, seems had reaction to the surgical glue that was used to close the incision.  Once i removed the glue. the itching and hives disappeared.

new to pace

First check

by Persephone - 2021-03-09 15:20:42

Hi PrettyL - I hope you're feeling well.  I had a clinic appointment on day 6 post-implant; it was a simple and short look at how things were healing, and a check of device settings. I used the opportunity to ask a few questions about the settings, but the clinic techs seem to generally leave most communication with the patient to the docs. I really didn't know what to expect at this first appointment, so the lack of communication on the tech's part left me a bit bewildered and confused.  As Gemita describes, an appointment with the doc was set for several weeks afterward, wherein I was able to discuss issues and have my questions fully answered. 

first check

by prettylady - 2021-03-09 15:42:46

thank you for the advise. it makes me feel better knowing what I can except tomorrow.  especially  knowing I may  have to wait to get all my questions answered. thank you all again. I will let you know happens tomorrow 

Wound check

by AgentX86 - 2021-03-09 16:33:44

As you can tell, there is a pretty large variatiance between doctors a h hospitals, and even patients. Some doctors delegate more to the other medical staff, some do it themselves but I think most here in the US, anyway, fall somewhere between the extremes. There are a lot of different closure methods,  as well which may or may not change the specifics of the wound check.

Mine was closed with glue and steri-strips. I was told to leave the steri-strips alone and they'd fall off by themselves. I had the wound check at 10 days, IIRC. At that point they hadn't all come off as the nurse pulled the remaining strips off. After she was done and all declared "normal" (you'll get sick of that word over the next year, kinda like "vaccine in the arms"),  my  EP popped in just to make sure all was good, and probably to justify his charge.

The reason for the wound check is just to make sure that it's completely closed and there is no infection. You'll probably be given some further instructions about wound care and restrictions, then sent on your way.

after visit

by prettylady - 2021-03-10 14:59:12

everything ok . bandage off.  glue will come off by itself. no picking. two more weeks till I can more my left arm   I am now home and I am having pulling like feeling at the  site. . itching was from the tape e  I hope so  will keep in touch. thanks for the  help


by Persephone - 2021-03-10 17:10:50

Good to hear.  A pulling sensation at the site sounds pretty normal considering you probably had more exertion today than usual while you're recovering.  With regard to arm use, maybe a word was left out of your message - I assume you mean that you should wait a couple of weeks to do more with your left arm, such as reaching overhead or carrying anything heavy.  For now you'll want to keep gently moving the left arm to maintain mobility in the shoulder.   

left arm

by prettylady - 2021-03-11 10:37:24

they said after 2 weeks. I should forget I get a pm and do everything I usually do. than you for the advise

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