Touched pacemaker

Hi I just felt round my new recently implanted pacemaker I had a box change 3 weeks ago and it's still swollen and felt suddenly weired and my heart rate went up for less than a minute, it wasn't panic or anything like that I was just seeing if the swelling was going down. Did I mess with something?


Very unlikely but not impossible

by crustyg - 2021-03-05 03:34:34

Your PM should have a strong, non-absorbable stitch that anchors it to the bottom of the pocket.  This stops the PM moving around too much, especially sliding sideways or turning over.  Sometimes this stitch breaks or pulls out.  If this has happened then it's sometimes easy to turn the PM over in the pocket, and this can quickly damage the leads as they twist together and shorten - the old Spanish Windlass technique.  This form of damage even has its own name amongst the EP-world.

But it's very uncommon for this to happen and is most likely to occur in those with obsessive tendencies (can't stop pulling hair, scratching imaginary itches etc.).  Best to leave the box alone, as feeling around it won't help the swelling go down.  You aren't the first person to have done this, and be reassured that it's really uncommon to damage anything with a gentle touch as you wonder 'Is this the new me?'

From your previous posts, your nervous system responds vigorously to sudden fear or anxiety, and these nerves still work and affect the heart.


by Selwyn - 2021-03-05 07:14:14

Fiddling with the box is enough to stimulate the PM's accelerometer -this is responsible for the rate response/exercise function and will raise your heart  rate ( Try tapping the box for 15 seconds and you will get a good racing pulse).

Best to let the swelling go down naturally. Patience! ~Six weeks is not unreasonable. 

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