Question about vaccine injection site

Hello all who've been fortunate to have received a COVID vaccine - did you opt for the pacemaker-side arm or the other arm?  I've read reports of localized swelling from some of the vaccines.  Thanks.


I opted for the other arm

by Gemita - 2021-03-02 10:24:53

Hello Persephone,

I opted for the other arm because pacemaker side left arm (lymph nodes) have been removed due to cancer and I can get lymphedema symptoms occasionally.  

My doctors were not bothered by my pacemaker particularly, especially since it was implanted almost 3 yrs ago, but I would recommend for any fairly new pacemaker recipients, that they might be better off going for the opposite arm to avoid any further discomfort.  My husband (who also has a pacemaker) went for the pacemaker (left side arm) without any problems though.  He received the Oxford AstraZeneca.  I received the Pfizer vaccine.

Do tell your doctors if you have had any additional surgical procedures pacemaker side arm just to be sure.  They will usually ask lots of questions though before you receive the vaccine, so that will be your chance to raise any concerns.

Good luck and hope you get your call to receive your vaccine soon

Which side?

by Pharnowa - 2021-03-02 12:58:00

I've had my first dose and I opted for left side, not giving much thought actually. I'm 3 1/2 months post implant.

One advantage to same side as a recent implant is when injection site tender, you can sleep on right side, which is probably still more comfortable for the implant.

They knew nothing about me except previous reactions/allergies, my insurance numbers and driver's licence, for age and address verification.I was stunned that they took NO information about general health.. No doctor was present, only a few nurses. It was sort of like a cattle auction, only old people.

BUT... I got my vacccine and in my state, that was an accomplishment!

which side

by new to pace.... - 2021-03-02 14:46:31

I got the shots in the left arm the side of the pacemaker. Knowing i sleep on the right side.  The muscle was a little sore, swollen in the spot, and the first time was sore around the arm pit.  The second shot in the same left arm 28 days later, sore in the muscle, swollen at the spot and had heat at the spot. This time lasted about 2 and half days.   Did not take anything for the issues. 

  The only problem i had for the second shot was  the line moving and standing an hour before getting to the door of the vaccine room.  Then sat 20 minutes before getting the shot and of course  sitting 15 minitues. after the shot. To make sure no reaction.

  Was told i might have flu like sypthoms  and to take tynenol for the fever.  Did not have any.  Thank goodness.

New to pace.


Swollen Lymph Nodes Following Covid Vaccine

by Marybird - 2021-03-02 15:52:31

I haven't received any covid vaccines to date so can't speak first hand to side effects. But I see that the news media here in the US has advised people that there may be some swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpits and around that general area following the covid vaccine, and that is a normal response to the vaccine ( means those lymph nodes are busy carrying out their immune responses to the vaccine). They mentioned that some people have had this response and worried that the swollen lymph nodes may be associated with breast cancer. The advice was to tell your doctor of that reaction, and follow any medical advice, but not to worry about it being breast cancer.

I don't know if this swelling occurs after the first or second vaccine, is found in the armpit on the same side as the injection was given or both arms, but guess it could be a consideration of which arm might be used for the vaccine if a person has a pacemaker that might be bothered by swollen lymph nodes. I know my pacemaker isn't anywhere near the armpit, but some people's might be.


by AgentX86 - 2021-03-02 16:17:31

I had mine in the left (same side).  It was a drive-thruugh vaccination station and I was driving, so...  Very few problems though after the first dose was pretty tired the next morning but was fine in the afternoon.  I had some wierd muscle aches too.  The second time it was just some injection site pain for about a week.  Nothing to bother about, just a dull pain.  My wife had severe pain after the second, for about two weeks.  It  itched like crazy for a week.  She used some benadryl.


Which side

by Aberdeen - 2021-03-02 16:57:15

I had my vaccine on the same side as my pacemaker (left side) as I still avoid sleeping on my left side as much as my right side. I had the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine.9 months since pacemaker implant.

I had a slightly tender arm for a few days but no other side effects. Roll on the second dose!

Right Arm

by heartu - 2021-03-05 17:25:49

CRTD on the left side and I am right handed and chose to get vaccination in my right arm. Since I am having problems in my left arm (mostly left fingers currently - doing hand therapy). Only slight pain in injection site which was gone within 24 hrs. Scheduled to get my 2nd shot in a little over a week.

Left arm

by Patricia2753 - 2021-03-19 19:57:26

I've had both covid vaccinations (moderna).  I was given the shot at Publix and they told me it had to be left arm.  But to be honest I'm not sure they know I have a pacemaker.  No problems anyway.  Never really think much about my PM anymore had it for 6 years now

Both arms

by Linnie - 2021-03-27 14:39:58

I had read that it was good to alternate arms for the two doses. I started with my left arm because I avoid sleeping on that side since the PM was put in. My arm didn't get that sore, they tell you to keep it in motion to avoid soreness. On the 8th day after the shot, I developed what is called Covid arm. Around the injection site, the skin got hot, red and itchy. Lasted 4 days. No pain at all. Last Saturday, I got the second dose of Moderna in my right arm. No soreness at all this time. Even slept on that side! Good luck with your vaccine, it is such a relief to know we are all getting protected.

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