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Hi All

I am hoping people maybe able to shed light on some issues for me. I have AV block 2:1 Morbitz & dual chamber PM (60/160) fitted July 2020.

I am new to this pacing game & very much in the dark in regards to pretty much everything, safe to say I know I have a PM & it’s seems to be working (according to the docs)

So, I have a follow up meeting with a Cardiologist tomorrow, following a sort stay in hospital last week due to some concerns, that apparently weren’t anything to worry about.. 

However, I would like to find out;

- What would of been the reason the cardiologist turned my PM base rate from 40 to 60 & what are the implications this has?

- I am still not fully settled with this new set up, I feel sometimes a bit twitchy & uneasy,  I assume this is just my body getting use to the settings?

Any information would be very much appreciated & would help me greatly understand my situation with my PM

All the best




Base rate change from 40-60 bpm

by Gemita - 2021-02-25 16:01:49

Dear Kieran,

I would say to increase your base rate from 40-60 bpm would be a very sensible step to take.  Anything under 60 bpm is classified as Bradycardia and 60 bpm minimum heart rate would be normal for many of us, so please do not feel concerned.  If anything, you should feel better at this normal, higher heart rate.  Your circulation will certainly improve, exercise should be easier and you should have more energy and feel less fatigued.

I am surprised that you were initially set up with a very low rate of 40 bpm in any event.

Good luck tomorrow and I hope you have a very constructive appointment with your cardiologist.


by HeartyOne - 2021-02-25 18:17:47

Thanks Gemita, 

The surgeon who implanted my PM actually set the original settings. He was happy that my heart work well enough at 40 so was happy to keep it there, plus I believe he mentioned less stress on the heart as I am 38, I will have to be paced for the rest of my days..

I went on a long walk in the hills today, all went well, but it also did at 40.. Think things feel slightly more fluid but no massive changes.

I am conscience though that things have been stressful with my recent hospitalisation & hope that my PM begins to settle again.

Thanks again




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