Astrazeneca vaccine and pacemaker

Has anyone with a pacemaker received the Astrazeneca vaccine (approved in the EU) or been told not to get it because of your pacemaker?



AstraZeneca vaccine

by Aberdeen - 2021-02-23 14:48:35

I received the AstraZeneca vaccine on February 14th. No side effects apart from a slightly tender arm for a few days.

Having a pacemaker does not prevent you having the COVID vaccination.

AstraZeneca vaccine

by La.katita.del.mar - 2021-02-23 16:26:21

Thanks! I was/am slightly worried because living in Spain they sent out info to us about the vaccine (I’m a teacher) and in the info doc it says “En relación a personas con enfermedad cardiovascular no controlada, enfermedades hepática, renal, metabólica/endocrina y neurológica graves, no se dispone de datos consistentes de seguridad y eficacia con esta vacuna. A día de hoy, se recomienda utilizar en estas personas otras vacunas.”

Translated means: In relation to people with uncontrolled cardiovascular disease, severe liver, kidney, metabolic / endocrine, and neurological disease, there are no consistent safety and efficacy data available with this vaccine.  Today, it is recommended to use other vaccines in these people.”

Oxford AstraZeneca

by Gemita - 2021-02-23 16:55:07

La katita del mar,

My understanding is that they are talking about "uncontrolled conditions".  

We do not have any information about you but I am assuming that your health condition is being controlled successfully by your pacemaker and by any other treatments you may be receiving?   Of course you have to be guided by your own doctors and health authorities but I would have absolutely no fear in taking the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine because it has been through rigorous testing equal to that of other vaccines available I have no doubt.

Indeed my husband, 82 with many of the conditions mentioned (and some of these are not entirely controlled):  neurologic, metabolic, endocrine, kidney, cardiovascular - and a pacemaker - has successfully had his AstraZeneca vaccine (a month ago) without any problems at all.  In fact, I received a different vaccine (Pfizer) and experienced more in the way of side effects and I do not have my husband's health difficulties.  I too have a pacemaker.

Oxford AstraZeneca, in my opinion, is an effective and safe vaccine and I hope it will not be denied to those who most need it because of misguided fear.  I wish you well.  We are both in the UK

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