Backpack blower / gas

Has anyone had an issue using a backpack blower with a pacemaker? 



Backpack blower

by AgentX86 - 2021-02-22 22:53:07

Backpack blowers are the only such tool that my EP warned me against, just because it's used so close to the PM.  Other tools are held pretty much at arm's length.  He also "forbid" (told my wife) me from using a riding lawn mower but for a different reason.  The ignition system of hand tools emits significant EMI but it's like most other EMI sourcs.  His limit was 18" for such things.  The ignition system of a riding mower is more like that of a car, where the alternator is the problem.  Don't lean over your car'sh alternator either.

Now, he's very conservative and I'm dependent and may have a serious problem if my pacemaker screws up.

Backpack Blower

by Mike417 - 2021-03-04 00:52:09


I too was told not to use a backpack blower, but then I asked the Tech.  He suggested I wear it loose so it wuld hang lower on my back, and not worry about it.  If the blower interferes with the PM the PM will go to stand-bye mode, and that I would feel fatiqued; it would reset it self after I was done, and be ok the next hour.


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