Battery change

Hi Im having my battery changed next monday what will I expect?  how long will I have off work I know the hospital will tell me at pre assessment tomorrow but tbought Id ask you lot too


Local anaesthetic, home in half a day

by crustyg - 2021-02-08 03:25:44

There are quite a few posts and replies to this on this forum over the last few months.

A box change of your PM should be done under local only and you can be home in half a day.  Local, skin incision, mobilise PM, swap lead connections, seat new PM, sutures, skin closure.

They may offer you a little IV sedation, in which case you can't drive for 24hr and *must* have an adult at home to look after you for that time.

I expect you'll be in at Southampton General, and their protection routines seem pretty good.  I'm local too.


by dwelch - 2021-02-11 00:26:29

Ideally in and out same day.  If you need a new lead it might be an overnight stay (well pre-covid days).

Recovery varies, but if this is a replacement you have already been through this.  Some of us are up and driving to work two or three days later, others not so much.  I would argue that even though some of us are going back to work a few days later, there are still things like sleeping through the night, rasing both arms up to wash your hair or get dressed, etc.  That are not quite ready to call recovered.  It is weeks to months to fully recover as you should know, somethings get better in days somethings in a week and some things in weeks.

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