Life Alert Pendants

I've been thinking about getting some type of Life Alert Pendant since I'm often alone and a little clumsy.    Does anyone know if something like that hanging so near the pacemaker could cause interference?  Does anyone here use a Life Alert Pendant with a pacemaker?


Life alert pendant

by lizzie - 2021-02-05 07:01:19

I have had a Medic Alert pendant for years. Because I'm 100% pacing dependent and I take thyroxine and iodine sensitive. It's on from first thing in morning till I undress at night. It has never been a problem and makes me feel more secure in the knowledge that if I needed emergency medical care they would have a heads up on suitable treatment for me. Luckily I have never needed it for this purpose. 

Life alert

by AgentX86 - 2021-02-05 13:43:51

No, the penent won't be any problem and certainly a far higher benefit than liability.  It will do nothing until an emergency and then the worst it could do (and it won't) is interrupt your pacemaker's operation momentatily when you push it.  If it's already an emergency, well, a momentary interruption wouldn't be significant.  It can't even do this much so it really is a good idea.  Both devices could save your life.

No Problem

by bzam - 2021-02-06 12:25:18

My wife has had one hanging on her 24/7 for over 8 years. No Problem.

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