Pacemaker Concerns

I am a man who had Pacemaker implant over a year ago.  I'm interested in hearing from patients who have had left should problems and pain associated with implant.  Thanks.


Shoulder problems

by AgentX86 - 2021-02-04 16:50:26

Almost all shoulder problems, post implant, are due to the patient not moving the shoulder enough immediately after surgery.  If the shoulder isn't moved normally it will lock up, a condition known as "frozen shoulder".  The most common reason for this is the use of a sling in the immediate aftermath of the surgery.  Joints just don't like to be taken out of commission.  If this is the problem, at this point you're probably going to need physical therapy.



by Myinfohelper - 2021-02-04 17:09:32

i am a retired man, having had a pacemaker implant over a year ago.  I have experienced several unexpected problems, including sometimes increasingly persistent pain in my left shoulder joint and left arm, as well as immobility due to pain,  Can anyone give me insight into this upsetting problem?  I feel certain this was caused by implant surgery.  All help is appreciated.  

Severe shoulder pain and immobility

by Gemita - 2021-02-04 17:48:35

Hello Myinfohelper,

As this has been going on for some time, may I ask what investigations you have had ?  I would think it is important to get an orthopedic opinion and an opinion from your pacemaker team.  Of course apart from frozen shoulder which can be difficult to treat if it is not dealt with speedily (and an Orthopedic opinion should be sought for this and any other shoulder condition first), your cardiologist/EP might want to rule out other potential problems associated with a pacemaker implant.  Also he/she may wish to rule out a heart condition like angina as a trigger for left arm/shoulder pain as well even though your description sounds more shoulder related due to immobilisation.

Does the device area look swollen, inflamed?  Can you see any noticeable extra veins around your implant area?  I had a lot of discomfort in the first year, across my collarbone into both shoulders.  It was due to vein damage/narrowing caused by pacemaker leads which can be common following implantation.  This caused circulatory problems initially until extra veins (collateral veins) formed to assist blood flow.  I was already on an anticoagulant for another condition so this helped treat the condition.  Veins and nerves in the area can be damaged during implant procedure and may take a long time to heal.  But this is all speculation.  I would get an orthopedic opinion urgently and if that proves negative I would go back to your clinic for further investigations to assess lead position and to rule out potential vein narrowing/implant trauma as a cause for your symptoms.  In the very least after one year, you deserve an answer.  I hope your symptoms can be eased quickly 


by Alli - 2021-02-04 22:52:54

I've had my icd implant for a little over 3 months now. I had pain and still do just not as bad now. I used both a roll-on called Aspercreme and a cream called Voltaren for my pain. Also took two Tylenol when useing nothing else. It helped me but i was telling others about them and some said it didn't work for them. Some also said i should've ask my dr first. But oh well. 

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