Pinching around PM after 6 wks.

Just wondered if an;yone has experienced a pinching sensation around the pacemaker after 6 weeks of the implant? This occurs on a sporadic basis. I have not done anything as far as heavy exertion until Tuesday. I played my first tennis game but used my right hand...implant on left side. I did lift some pebble stones in a bag that same day but have really not lifted anything heavy during this entire period. Please contact about this if you have experienced same feeling. Thanks Gene Ray



by patpeter - 2007-08-02 06:08:42

hi Gene Ray, I had my 2nd pm inserted Dec. 2006 and have had pinching ever since . My circumstances are a little different probably because they had to insert a new lead since one of mine was bad so I have 3 leads in me, with one not being used, anyway when I asked my MD about it he says it's because of the 3 leads. He says there is not much room in there and that causes the pinching sensation. I will tell you that it has gotten better over time and I am hopeful that it will go away completely. So it could be that your leads are settling into their new envirnoment, but I would ask your MD and see what he has to say, I would be interested as well. I hope this has helped some at least let you know that you are not alone! Take care and let me know how you make out. thanks,

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