Hi all my first post here i had a pacemaker fitted in 2017 i have been ok with it until 10 days ago started getting pain around pacemaker site pain comes and goes sharp shooting pain area around feels sore/pain gos towards shoulder /chest pain palpitations/ spoken to pacemaker clinic over the phone they are saying its muscle pain take paracetamol don't come to hospital to do covid . i can't bear the pain any more. any advice please.


I see you are in the UK

by Gemita - 2021-02-01 18:12:13

7, if you cannot bear the pain, you cannot bear the pain and you need to be seen in my opinion.  Your clinic cannot diagnose the problem during a telephone call.  After all this time, this shouldn't start happening.  You say you feel sore, that you feel an intermittent shooting, sharp pain.  Is the area around your device swollen or inflamed or does the area look normal?

You have a few choices.  Tomorrow I would ring your clinic again and ask if you could pop in for a few checks. Be persistent.  Explain you want an assessment of your chest pain/palpitations.  Alternatively I would pop into A&E if your intermittent pain is difficult to bear or ring 111 for advice, or speak to your GP for better pain relief, explaining that paracetamol is not helping.  I would prefer the pacemaker clinic route and get a real thorough assessment.  Chest pain, if it is new, should never be ignored.  Good luck

Doesn't sound good

by crustyg - 2021-02-01 18:18:20

It's not entirely clear whether most of the pain is around the PM pocket, or whether you've got a deeper pain that you're feeling shooting up to the shoulder.  If you've done something crazy - a new upper body workout online, or been building a brick wall carrying all of the bricks yourself, then perhaps this doesn't really matter.  But if you've done nothing out of the ordinary then I think this new pain matters.  Chest pain *can* be caused by inflammation of the bone/cartilage connections, in which case a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory would be much better than paracetamol as long as you are ok to take NSAIDs (not a great idea if you're on an anti-coagulant).  A new set of PM/heart symptoms in a PM that's been OK for 3years would have me worried.

If you're also having palpitations, with this new chest pain for a PM/leads that are 3years old then you have a problem - potentially serious.

In your shoes I would be pushing for a face-to-face review - ECG, CXR and PM check, OR I would go to A&E. 


by 7 - 2021-02-02 05:08:03

Thank you for replying I have just spoken to clinic again same thing just told to send monitor report they will check that and get back to me i have asked them to please see me for a full assessment why I'm getting this pain something is not right with pacemaker told someone will call me back once they checked report.

I would consider going to A&E

by Gemita - 2021-02-02 05:28:04

7, if they ring back and try to say all is well, I would tell them if they won't see you, you are going through A&E for an opinion since your chest pain is concerning.

You need some imaging not an assessment over the phone.  Sudden new pain after all this time would concern me too.  Hopefully it is nothing serious but it needs to be checked out thoroughly and treatment commenced, for example for a chest infection or inflammatory condition and to assess pacemaker lead function/position.  

Good luck and please do not be put off going to A&E for your chest pain.  This could be serious

Go to A&E and tell them you have chest pain

by crustyg - 2021-02-02 07:28:25

Explain that you've had a PM for 3years and now have new chest pain, radiating to your L shoulder (as you've described).

They will know what to do with a patient complaining of chest pain...

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