Has anyone with an ICD had Lasik?? I would love to get rid of my contacts and glasses as they are starting to make me a bit dizzy. I had a consultation set up to see if I was eligible. I asked them if the machine was safe for those with pacemakers/ICDs. They asked the manufacturer and they said that it was not recommended. 



by AgentX86 - 2021-01-25 12:19:38

I don't know about Lasix but the manufacturer should. Have you looked into PreLex? AFAIK, it's superior to Lasix and I can't imagine a reason that it would be a problem.


by Beattie - 2021-01-26 07:43:54

I am in Australia, I dont have a ICD but have a Pacemaker and had iLasik done in October last year. Didnt seem to be an issue at all. After wearing glasses since i was 3 its the best thing i have ever done. 

Check with another clinic maybe who may have a different machine and your GP n  get their opinion. 

Make sure u find someone reputable! 


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