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Hi just to refresh your memory of how i got to this point today.  Had called the cardiologist's office to ask for a copy Oct 29 remote transmission.  Was told not in the file.  Asked them should i contact Medtronic or should them.  They said they would.  Then asked if they would email the results, and could they do it automaticlly.  Computer not set up for that, have to call each time.         Well i waited 6 more weeks, then called back.  This time spoke with a different person.  He said the only tranmision was for  Aug.6,2020, (which i got an emailed copy) and the tech wrote make an appt for Feb.  I told him was not in and it was another remote transmission.  I then made an appt for Feb, when i said does not make any sense as another remote was scheduled for Jan 21,2021.   He then said that was the previous Dr's schedule and not theirs.   I said why was I and Medtronic not notified of the new one.

  Well to my surprise recieved an email from Medtronic  saying another successful transmission on Jan.20,2021.  Which i promptly forwarded to the Cardiologist's office.  Recieved an email back, saying yes they could see in my file.  Said no need to come in then on Feb 1, she agreed and cancelled.  But will be seeing Dr. at the end of next month for my yearly check up.  Did ask why it was not on the anniversary of the implant. Of course no answer.

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by Sisterwash65 - 2021-01-23 17:31:50

Looks like we have the same type PM. I have the My Care Link app on my phone not sure if you have that or not. The only time I’ve gotten copies of my programming is in the doctor’s office when the device tech is there. When you said you got an emailed copy, is it a 3 page Summary Sheet ? Or did you get all the info the doctor gets which would be electrograms etc.

I’d be interested to know how much of the transmitted data you got via email. As I understand it, lots of it would be highly technical.


Carelink info

by islandgirl - 2021-01-23 18:37:03

My dr's office gives me the entire report when I ask for it.  I don't ask every time.  Sometimes it's 40 pages or so, depending on my events.

I'm not too happy with Medtronic....often EP can't pull up the reports on weekends and there is no way I can contact Medtronic after hours.  

My dr will also text me the first few pages when there's a problem.

Good luck.....

remote transmission

by new to pace.... - 2021-01-23 18:47:17

thanks for your comments.  The remote sits on the nite stand on the other side that i do not normally sleep on.  Got the techinal info, which of course means nothing to me.  Although it showed when i had the MRI done and was put into what ever they do.  Really was interested in how often was paced, which has been an average of 41%, A-fib  average of 7%, battery life now around  12 years .

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Pacemaker data requests

by Gemita - 2021-01-24 06:50:34

Hello new to pace,

Yes it can be frustrating trying to get information from my clinic too, but if anything serious is seen, they always contact me and ask about my symptoms during an arrhythmia.  I have Medtronic/My Care Link facility as well.  Initially I was in frequent contact with my clinic by phone, but now that my arrhythmias are more under control, I leave them in peace and get on with my life.

I am in the UK and I have specifically asked for a complete download of all my pacemaker data for the period July 2019-July 2020.  I requested this last October.  They sent me immediately a few relevant pages, giving essential details like % pacing in right atrium/right ventricle, events like significant arrhythmias (ventricular tachycardia was seen on several occasions at very high heart rates) and % time spent say in other arrhythmias like AF, lead measurements, battery status, bradycardia parameters:  mode of pacing (AAIR), mode switch ON, base rate 70 bpm, upper tracking/sensor rate 130 bpm, AV delay (sensed) in ms 150, (paced) in ms 180, Rate Adaptive YES.  

These summary pages also give me details of lead implant site:  right atrial endocardial, right ventricle septal.

I would like specifically to get a break down of all my arrhythmias, highest/lowest heart rate, duration and frequency.  This is really the detail I am looking for, not a % figure.  I know some clinics have provided patients with complete downloads, perhaps onto a USB memory stick, if you take one with you when you attend clinic.  I have to officially request access to my records though to receive this sort of detail.  In the past they have sent me a disk (password protected) with all this information and it provided so much detail, including ECG reports.  Due to Covid (so they tell me) there are inevitable delays in providing patients with information which is not seen as essential.

When you apply for any information it is important that you are clear about what you want to receive and the period of cover.  This will save a lot of time.  My doctors will not send me pacemaker data by email because of patient confidentiality

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