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Hello everyone! I have been reading post were people are still having pain with their pm/icd. Me too!! But i have found these two things help. First buy Aspercreme and roll it over the painfull area. Helps with numbing. You can also spread some Voltaren gel over the painful site. This will have to be prescribed by a dr. and cause drowsiness. Well it works for me. Just thought i'd let you know.


Aspercreme and Voltaren cream

by Gemita - 2021-01-17 04:53:20

Dear Alli,

I am glad you find both these creams helpful for your discomfort around your device.  

I note Aspercreme contains the numbing agent Lidocaine in small amounts that could lead to skin irritation and maybe other symptoms over time.  My doctors mentioned the possibility of heart rhythm changes when I used Lidocaine patches for pain relief, although the creme contains much lesser amounts.  Are you using Voltaren cream as well over the same area, mixing the two creams?  This might further irritate the skin.

I would maybe consult your general doctor about the safety of using both creams "together" around the device?  Probably me just worrying.  You could at the same time perhaps ask if this level of continued pain is normal after this time?

Thank you so much for these tips though Alli.  I would just want to make absolutely sure that both creams are safe to use where you are applying them?

topicals for pacer site pain

by Julros - 2021-01-17 19:58:14

I did try Aspercreme with lidocaine, with no effect. Luckily with the help of a competent physical therapist who had me do stretching and strengthening, the swelling and pain finally abated 4 months after implantation. 

My site still aches from time to time, 18 months after getting it, especially if I sleep too long on one side. The other day the pacer tech bumped it while applying ECG leads and it hurt for several hours afterward. 

By the way, Voltaren creme is available over the counter in the US, but those will heart failure should definitely check with the doc before using. 

My Reply

by Alli - 2021-01-17 20:36:57

I don't put these directly where my incision is, just around it. Sorry Julros it does not work for you. I refuse to suffer regardless of what my dr might say. He should not have put in the pm to begin with. I will continue to use these things. Remember he only allowed me about 10 painkillers. Now i'd like to ask for those who believe in prayer please pray for my mom. I am trying to get her into a proper rest home. Too much for me to handle.

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