Could someone please define noise reversion in terms that I can understand?  Is this safe?  Do I need to make a change?  Are there symptoms with this problem? 

Thank you.  I've had the problem since last summer.



by AgentX86 - 2021-01-12 21:14:09

IIRC, "reversion" is where a pacemaker switches (reverts) from a synchronous mode like DDD (or AAI?) to asynchronous operaion (AOO?).  Pacemakers "revert" because they've detected some sort of arrhythmia causing the heart rate to go faster than the PM is trying to drive it.  Sensing is turned off so any feedback path is broken.

"Noise reversion", I believe, is when this switch is caused by something other than the heart beating faster than the PM is programmed. This source may be undersensing caused by electro-magnetic fields (noise).  

OTOH, I may have misunderstood this whole thing.


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