Pacemaker due for renewal

Hi I've had my pacemaker for 12 years now , I'm 52 , I was told last checkup I have to have it changed so have to be checked every 3 months as in waiting list now to have it changed , for last few weeks I have felt it kicking in alot more and having terrible headaches not sure if this is connected any help or advice would be greatly appreciated 

many thanks 





by AgentX86 - 2021-01-12 16:23:01

Moria, it sounds like it's time.  PMs will go into power savings modes into an attempt to extend their operation as long as possible.  These power savings modes may not be good enough to keep your oxygen levels high enough for your body.  The headaches and the sensation your heart, now, tell me that you're at this point.  These modes are supposed to last as long as six months but there are a few steps of "power down" that it goes through before failing completely.  You're not in danger but you need to get it replaced ASAP.

Renewal pacemaker

by mofarmer - 2021-01-13 08:06:41

Hi many thanks I was disgonosed 3 weeks ago that I have high blood pressure never had before since having pacemaker in so unsure if this connected I pacemaker needing changed 

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