The monitor beside my bed runs on WiFi and could alternately use a landline.  These options aren't always available or convenient.  Is there anyone with a app on their smartphone which satisfies the device manufacturer's requirement?  Is it necessary that we be monitored?    



by AgentX86 - 2021-01-07 17:38:47

Yes there is an app.  It depends on the manufacturer and the model of PM. Does your PM connect to the bedside box via Bluetooth, rather than a near-field means (puck sitting over the PM)?  If it's Bluetooth enabled, the AP will probably work.  Whether they let you use it is another question.

Whether or not you need to be monitored depends on why you have a PM and, I guess, on how conservative (anal) your EP is.  I'm not monitored regularly and only use it twice a year, rather than have two more on-site readouts (making them quarterly).  I initiate the remote transmissions.  I'm told what day to do it and can do it at anytime that day.  If I forget, no big deal, just do it the next.

Others may have more serious issues and need constant monitoring to make sure their condition isn't degrading.  The monitoring period can be anywhere between the two extremes.

Smartphone WiFi

by alanr1303 - 2021-01-08 05:47:49

On a smart phone it is possible to set up the phone as a WiFi hotspot. This should allow the monitor to connect to the phone via WiFi, then communicate remotely via the GSM network.

I don't have remote monitoring for my PM, so have not tried this, but regularly connect my PC to the internet via my phone using this method.


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