Fell on left side

So this past Saturday I went for a walk and ended up stepping wrong and fell. I landed on my left side and ever since I have been feeling a vibration inside my left breast area. I am worried that my battery or lead may have been damaged and am waiting to hear back from my doctor.  Has anyone experienced the vibration sensation? What were you told it was? 



by Gemita - 2021-01-04 19:39:10

Hello Janet,

I am so sorry to hear about your fall and I do hope that you have no injuries, apart from a vibrating device. 

You have done absolutely the right thing to contact your doctors.  I would certainly associate a battery or lead problem with a vibration feeling.  The other possibility that comes to mind is perhaps a slight loss of lead contact with the device leading to overpacing to compensate..  Do you have any other symptoms which might indicate a loss of lead capture, like for instance dizziness?  I would also be concerned about the possibility of a lead fracture.

Would be interested to hear what your doctors say.  Good luck and hope the problem can be fixed.

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