Seeing a Neurologist?

Hello all 

I have a question since I had my pacemaker for almost 3months and I feel weird sensations from the pacemaker around my chest area like poking my EP said it's normal but now I'm feeling like I'm being stung at my shoulder and arm and it hurts it stays for few seconds and go and there was a headache over my left eye as well so my question is should I see a Neurologist ? Since I read from some comments that it might be because of touching nerves while operating the surgery 


Wierd sensations

by AgentX86 - 2021-01-02 13:26:16

Almost all of us have had such sensations after surgery (pretty much any surgery).  Seeing a neurologist is a waste of time and money.  He's going to tell you exactly the same thing. 

The headache thing has nothing to do with the PM implant, except in some stress related way.  A neurologist is a waste of time, here, too unless you think it's something really serous.  We don't go running to a doctor every time we have a headache unless, of course, it's very bad, continuous, and/or incapacitating.

IMO, neurologists are pretty useless for anything other than some pretty evident diseases (e.g. MS) and to dispense pills to paper over symptoms.  Oh, they have some expesive toys they use to tell you that they learned nothing from the toys.

Shoulder and arm pain

by Omar - 2021-01-02 14:03:37

It's not just the headache there's also some pain in my shoulder and arm it feels like it's burning a bit for few seconds then go it happens few times on a daily basis 

Continuing implant pain

by Gemita - 2021-01-02 15:40:49

Omar, none of us knows what you may be feeling and it is difficult for any of us to really advise you.  In your shoes, I would perhaps do the following.  If your symptoms are only intermittent (like a few seconds/few times a day) I would wait for a couple of weeks to see if they improve.  If there is some improvement, however slight, I would feel somewhat reassured to wait a little longer before intervening.  I firmly believe your symptoms will improve with time.

If your symptoms on the other hand are not improved, or get worse or last longer and you feel concerned, I would speak to your general doctor.  He/she may be able to offer you some specific pain meds, like neuropathic pain control for your burning type pain, since this may well be nerve related.  I suffer from reflex sympathetic dystrophy/complex regional pain syndrome which can be controlled with a low dose neuropathic pain med like Pregabalin.  The burning type pain you describe sounds very much like a response to the implant surgery which may have traumatised a nerve for example in the area (which will heal and get better with time).  I am afraid many of us suffer from complex pain syndromes following even minor procedures/surgery.  This can be very normal Omar if only we can get over the acute healing period.  Some of us may need help though to overcome our symptoms.  I left well alone and after 3+ months, my pain symptoms improved.

Everything you feel isn't caused by the pacemaker

by Gotrhythm - 2021-01-02 16:46:54

After pacemaker surgery it isn't uncommon to feel what has been characterized as "ant bite" sensations. It's a sudden tiny stinging burning that can be quite intense for a second or two and then goes away.

Inevitably some nerves in the skin and just below were cut during the surgery. The feeling is caused by nerves that are still regeneratin. Even when everything looks completely healed on the outside, healing is still happening on the inside for a long time. I think it was at least a year before all the odd sensations went away completely, and I still have times when it feels like the area underneath my pacemaker is itching.

As for the pain in your eye/brow area, here's the thing: Everything that happens after getting a pacemaker isn't a result of the pacemaker. I too have the occasional pain in my eye and brow. When it started up I associated it not with the pacemaker but with catarac surgery, since the catarac surgery was more recent. Turns out it didn't have anything to do with the eye surgery either. The diagnosis was trigeminal neuralgia, a possibility I beleive someone else here has suggested to you. 

Go to a neurologist if you feel like you should, but for goddness' sake, don't mention the pacemaker, unless the doctor specifically asks. That's the kind of thing that will get you dismissed as a flake. 

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