Device adjustments

I had a  PM implant oct 21.  After 4 weeks I began exercising on my Manuel treadman w incline.  I was doing ok until I decided to push its! All of a sudden I felt a pressure in my chest and a feeling in my throat like I wasn't  getting enough air. I sat for a few minutes and I recovered! Went to get a device check and told RN about the event and she said she would make some adjustments. Not sure what was adjusted but she said now my heart would have to work harder as the pacemaker is what I had been feeling.  Since then I feel bad and get those feelings more now than before! Anyone else have similar problems? I would love to hear from you.


What was the primary diagnosis that lead to a PM?

by crustyg - 2021-01-02 15:58:41

I have SSS+CI - so I struggled during a Bruce Protocol assessment (on a treadmill) - unable to increase cardiac output enough, due, in my case, to a HR being too low for my requirements.  The feelings that *I* get if exercising without PM-support are jelly-like muscles and shortness of breath (I have good lungs).  But we're nearly a generation apart, so I have little idea what *you* mean when you say you decided to push it.

For many athletic folk with a PM, there's often a need to have the PM adjusted/tuned to accommodate your chosen activities.  What are your numbers?

Pacemaker adjustments

by Jam - 2021-01-02 20:27:45

The reason for mynPM implant was Bradycardia.  PM heart rate set at 55. Not sure about other settings as I really do not understand much about the settings.  In answer to your question what do I mean when I say I pushed it! I meant I continued to exercise on the treadmill even though I was feeling short of breath.  Then I experienced the symptoms of short breath and a feeling that I wasn't getting enough oxygen. Went to see the RN and she adjusted but Now I am not feeling that good.  Think she may have adjusted too much! Not sure as I do not understand how the settings may affect me.  Thanks!

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