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  • by Alli
  • 2021-01-01 14:27:04
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Gemita yes you did seem to come on strong but some people can't help it. Anyway anger has helped me get what i needed i have so many stories about that. But not enough room here. If you really want to help me then find me an intellgent dr in Ashland who does icd retractions. Yes i will forgive foolishness. Agent you said trial and error?? What? It has been decades don't drs know anything by now? He told me carvedilol would help shrink my heart, since i have an enlarged heart. I did not know it was a beta blocker. Germita why can't God work it for me? Arn't all things possible with Him? Hmm. I know lots of people lead fanasty lives and many are robots who feel no pain. Wish i was one of them. And Agent 2 things- i dislike money cause it does nothing for me physically. And i did not mean i want to die. What i meant was when God is ready to call me home i will be good and ready. Honestly more then ready.


I will try to do better Alli

by Gemita - 2021-01-01 15:45:22

Dear Alli,

Thank you for pointing out my faults.  I know I have many and I have made a few New Year’s resolutions.  I hope you have too.

Unlike you, I have never found anger to be a positive emotion unless it can be dispersed and used effectively to divert our pent up energy into something positive.  Your messages so far seem to focus on the negative aspects of your situation, you cannot seem to be able to see past your present difficulties.   Have you ever read the book “The Power of Positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale, a self help book to help the reader gain a more positive optimistic attitude.   I read it when I was facing serious illness some years ago and it worked like magic.  I also read a cancer help book by Ian Gawler and I quote "The power of the mind has the ability to create what we think.  In doing so, it is very effective, but it does not discriminate.  It will help us to success or failure, depending entirely upon the direction in which we channel it".  Furthermore, "A happy person heals rapidly, an unhappy one slowly".  "The body heals itself automatically once the right conditions are provided".  I find all those statements really powerful.  Do you Alli ?

My experience is that God only helps those who try to help themselves. We have to be prepared to help ourselves before we can ever hope to change our situation. We have to actually want change for change to happen.

I live in the UK Alli, so not best placed to help you find a doctor in Ashland who does ICD explants.  I suggest you do another post asking for help finding an experienced EP in the Ashland area, but perhaps make sure your post gives as much background information as you can provide.  You have not completed any medical history.

Heart disease takes time to fix Alli.  Sometimes our situation can be improved, but sometimes it cannot and gentle acceptance and living the best life we possibly can, for as long as we can, is the only way we can move forward.   We all need patience to treat our conditions.  There is a lot that can be done with the right treatment and the right cardiologist/EP at our side, so I would not give up just yet.


by AgentX86 - 2021-01-01 16:00:29

Gemita coming on strong?  Have you looked in a mirror? Anger gets you nowhere you want to go.  You might get people to move but you're unlikely to get them to help. Perhaps your anger comes through and people react to it?  No, couldn't be!

You're unlikely to get anyone, anywhere, to remove an ICD.  No doctor is going to put his license and malpractice insurance on the line.

Yes, beta blockers can help with your cardiomyopathy but your doctor cannot know how you're going to react to any medication.  Yes, it is mostly trial and error.  I've had bad reactions to four medications, so far.  Some pretty bad reactions, so not so but in no case was it possible for the doctor to know ahead of time what my reaction would be.  Each drug has a list of possible side effects but none will say that Alli will have one, or more.  You should be looking at the common reactions (they come on the sheet in the medication packaging and all are available online) and bring any to your doctor's attention.

You say you dislike money but obviously you like it enough to acquire and use it.  It dosn't fall out of the sky. 

Finally, God helps those who help themselves.


My Reply

by Alli - 2021-01-04 21:44:06

Gemita i don't fool with any resolutions. They are so pointless for me. But if you like them go ahead and make them. You seem to be saying that if i think i will wake up tomorrow totally healthy then it will happen? Ok i will give it a try and tell you what happens. Agent i'd think drs should be braver then that. After all they put one in. Let me give you a quick list of new changes now.....trouble dressing myself, trouble with mobility, trouble combing my hair, trouble with bumpy roads, no swimming, no using left arm, trouble with hygene care, trouble with chores, trouble with energy & fatigue. And trouble breathing which i may or may not have mentioned. I'm sure there is more i left out.

More problems

by AgentX86 - 2021-01-04 23:11:28

You won't take advice so I don't know what to tell you.  I'll try once more.  Find another doctor.  It seems you need to get to a first class hospital now.  If you won't...

I wish you well

by Gemita - 2021-01-05 06:34:32

Alli, as AgentX86 says you need to get appropriate help now from a team of doctors who can help you to overcome some of your symptoms, some of which I feel will improve naturally once healing is complete.  But doctors can only do so much to help any of us.  A lot of healing has to take place from within as well and will depend on what you can do for yourself.  If you can only see the problems you have and not see the possibilities to overcome these difficulties, then you will be lost forever.  

I have seen great suffering and bravery in my life, particularly from within my own family.  My own mother (at 83 years) had to have an amputation of her right leg due to severe ischaemia and sepsis.  Many in her situation would have given up and slipped away quietly at that age.  Indeed her doctors warned me that she would probably not make it.  But despite her age and all her other health conditions, she bravely fought back.  She learnt to drive again with her prosthetic leg and was passed fit for driving.  She even tried to do some maintenance work in her home when to my astonishment I found her one day up the step ladder painting an outside wall.  She told me off when I asked her to stop and come down immediately.  She reminded me she wasn’t an invalid.

But it would appear futile for me to continue this dialogue with you when you continue to focus on everything that is wrong with you rather than to try to see what is still good or possible in your life.  And before you tell me there is nothing good or possible in your life, I would remind you that you can still see, you can still write to us, you can still understand what we are trying to say to you, you can still use the computer or smart phone, you can still dress yourself (with difficulty), you can still comb your hair (with difficulty), you are still able to self care (with difficulty), you are still able to move around (but with difficulty and fatigue).  The breathing difficulty needs to be addressed by your doctors, but your other difficulties can all be managed effectively and will no doubt improve if you give it time. 

So my friend I will not say anymore.  Let us both agree to disagree.  Whatever our differences, I hope you will believe that I do sincerely wish you well.

For GeMita

by Alli - 2021-01-05 13:54:38

All i want to say is last night i went to sleep with a positive thought. This morning i woke up, blah, and everything was the same. Also is there any other online pm clubs?

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