Swallow Syncope/ Degluttition Sycope

I received a pacemaker in March 2019 due to swallow syncope (blacked out once, and had near-syncope episodes for over 10 yrs before I figured out why). Currently 39yo female. For the first year after the pacemaker, the symptoms of occasional lightheadedness during swallowing certain foods totally went away! Over the past few months, I'm noticing that "almost fainting" feeling again when eating occasionally. Doc says dont worry about it, the pacemaker is working fine. Anyone else feel these symptoms again after having the pacemaker in?


Yes I still get pre-syncope spells

by Gemita - 2020-12-28 19:17:33

Hello Newbie4444,


I attach above a useful link on swallow syncope.

I had my pacemaker implanted in May 2018 for tachycardia/bradycardia Syndrome (Sick Sinus Syndrome) and syncope.  I have suffered from syncope  for most of my adult life and swallowing can trigger it for me too, from drinking fluids to eating solids.  For me it can happen when I start eating on an empty stomach (which is why I need to keep eating little and often) to keep my system moving.  Since pacemaker implant I have had many pre-syncope spells, maybe one or two actual faints (my fault) which is a great improvement for me, believe it or not.

I suffer from high pressure oesophageal contractions causing oesophageal stimulation and these often set off my arrhythmias because of the proximity of the oesophagus to the heart.  I also suffer from stomach emptying problems.  Both these problems can set off a massive fall in blood pressure/heart rate, followed by a massive surge in both.  It can be very destablising.  The pacemaker cannot prevent a blood pressure fall/rise, nor can a pacemaker prevent a heart rate sudden rise, although a pacemaker will prevent our heart rate falling below the minimum set level.

All of this is manageable but it takes time.  Please feel free to private message if you ever need help.  Good luck



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