At times my fitbit will quit registering HR and show --------, it coincides with unusually high  HR for short time.  Like 180+.  I don't know if myHR really goes up that high or if it is a  fitbit error!  I am being monitored by a Vector device daily so am hoping it would show up on that.  Has anyone else had that problem?  I have had PM for 2 years now and no apparent problems.  Thanks



by AgentX86 - 2020-12-27 18:32:25

Forget FitBits, or any other Pulse-Ox type (and most EKG style) heart rate monitors for any arrhythmia.  We (pacemaker recipients) should never trust such things.  Count it yourself. 

There is one (perhaps two) exception and that's the Kardia Mobile (and maybe Apple watch), not because they're better at counting (they are, somewhat) but because you can get an EKG strip that you can send your EP.  You can also see the arrhythmia.

If it's real, a pulse rate of 180bpm can be serious stuff.  You don't say how old you are (you should put more information in your profile) but any higher and it could be very, very, serious. You need to get this down ASAP.

If you have been prescribed a beta blocker like Metoprolol (something ending in -olol) you should be using it until you can get it down.  I'm not one for running to the ER for every arrhythmia but depending on your age, a trip to the ER may be in order in this case.


by Jdky - 2020-12-27 23:01:13

I am super interested in the data. I've had Fitbit, garmin, and now Apple Watch 6. While waiting for a pacemaker (CHB), my Fitbit was inaccurate. The Apple Watch 6 is pretty accurate, and can be very accurate if using the built in ECG. And there are a lot of apps for the Apple Watch that let you analyze your heart rate data. One thing to note though, and I wish I knew this beforehand, the Apple Watch does not take continuous heart rate measurements unless you are exercising. 

I would recommend a Garmin watch if you don't care about having mobile service to your smart watch. They are pretty accurate and the garmin app is great.

It's worth paying attention to periods of apparently high HR during exercise

by crustyg - 2020-12-28 11:45:20

I'm one of the lucky folk for whom a Lead-I style chest strap works well (running and cycling), but I ignored periods during running when my Garmin Forerunner 301 strap showed either very high HR or nothing at all.  More fool me, I was having episodes of exercise-induced tachycardia, and eventually ended up in AFlut.

I now do all running (not much anymore) and cycling (road, lots) with a chest strap and if I overdo the effort I can usually see the result in my Garmin ANT+ chest strap.  And in my PM logs....

Fitbit not good for exercise rates

by PacedNRunning - 2020-12-30 05:09:44

I have a Fitbit and Apple Watch 6. I will say the Fitbit is off for high heart rates. It's usually lower on the Fitbit compared to what is actually happening.  Sweat can get in the way, the band too loose or too far down your arm.  I wear both all the time and Fitbit is always lower.  My apple will say my max was 172 and Fitbit wills ay 156bpm.  If it blanks out it means it looses contact. 



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