Hi, Just wondering if anybody else has had trouble with there Medtronic machine. I had my pacemaker inserted in October and my Medtronic looks like it's stopped working, the green light is not on anymore/ I rang them and they said it takes a couple of day to see when it stops working but they would put in a request for a new machine.

I haven't heard from then at all and I have not ever had any feedback from them or Dr's since having my pacemaker inserted,  can anyone tell me if that's normal?


How frequently are you asked to send data ?

by Gemita - 2020-12-21 06:13:04

Hello Wendells,

Yes I have a Medtronic MyCareLink Patient Monitor.  It can be rather temperamental I recall and I occasionally had to switch it off, unplug and then power it up again to get the steady green light and to be able to successfully transmit data to my clinic.  Each morning I used to check to see whether the previous night’s automatic transmission had gone through and if it hadn’t I would do it manually.  

Now I am being monitored only periodically, in person at my clinic but they have asked me to keep my monitor for use in the future.  I think I had better ask for a newer model.

Did you try ringing Medtronic or your Pacemaker clinic for their advice again today?  I would try to get this fixed before Christmas, especially if you require frequent monitoring.  Otherwise, if only periodic monitoring is required and you have no worrying symptoms, you and your doctors may feel you could wait until after the Christmas holidays before you have to deal with this problem.

Have you looked at the troubleshooting error messages guide for the Medtronic monitor?  Alternatively take the monitor into your pacing clinic and get someone to test it out there and change it if necessary.  You could also ask about the Smart phone App and getting that set up too.

Following pacemaker implant in May 2018, I had my first follow up appointment at 6 weeks to check wound, pacemaker settings and whether I had had any significant symptoms/events.  I had another check at 3 months, then every 9-12 months.  I am in the UK.  In the very least you should expect a follow up appointment to come through soon.  If you are worried about any troublesome symptoms, I would push to be seen.  Good luck 

Failed Medtronic Merlin

by AgentX86 - 2020-12-21 12:57:15

Unfortunately mine is still working.   I'm not surprised to hear of a failed box.  They are the junkiest hunk of junk I've ever seen.  I'm sure even the Chinese would be ambarrassed by it if it were made there.  I'm an EE and I can say that I'd be embarrassed if I worked on that project.  Mine wakes me up at night with all the lights flashing.  It looks like a lightning storm in my bedroom.  The case is the cheapest plastic you'll find anywhere.  What a mess.  I'd rather have the cell phone app.  I think my pacemaker will do it (I can see it once in a while as a Bluetooth deice on my cell phone).  I'll have to ask one of these days.


Medtronic Carelink

by islandgirl - 2020-12-22 16:03:33

I recently had trouble with my Carelink unit.  They sent me a new one right away and included a return label, so I boxed up the old one.  The screen gave me an error code.  I transmit almost daily, so it was important to me.  It became inoperative on a weekend, and I couldn't get in touch with anybody until Monday.  I had trouble-shooted using online searches and their website.  

Have you unplugged the unit for about 5 min and plugged it back in?  Did you get an error code?  

Medtronic is always responsive to me, however, they are closed weekends and open 8-5 weekdays, so I've been frustrated about not being able to contact them on weekend.  My EP seems to be able to contact them, as he may text me when there's a problem after I've texted him to let him know I sent an upload.

Good luck.

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