Mall store security sensors

I was at the mall today and was setting off store alarm sensors left and right. I've had my PM about 2 weeks and no one had previously mentioned anything about it, just airport issues. Should I not be going through these sensors at the store. Thank you so much. 


shopping sensors

by Tracey_E - 2020-12-20 22:13:22

How odd! In 25+ years, I've set off store alarms maybe 4 or 5 times. We are perfectly safe, just don't linger. 

We don't need to worry about the airport. Once upon a time we couldn't go through the metal detectors but we can now. Pacers are better shielded so are not affected, and they are made of alloys that don't set off the metal detectors. The 3D scanners use xray, not metal detection. I no longer say anything at the airport, just walk on through. 

Shopping sensors

by AgentX86 - 2020-12-20 22:27:24

This really surprises me too.  Maybe because of the Christmas holiday shopping and higher losses they've cranked up the sensitivity to the max.  In any case, don't worry about it bothering your PM. The only thing of concern is the security "wand".  It's fine for the waist down but don't let anyone wand above the waist.  It probably won't do any harm but it's possible and not worth taking a chance.  Show them your PM card and request a manual search, if need be.

BTW,  I just walk through if door alams go off.  Arrest me or leave me be.  If you arrest me, make sure your lawyer's retainer is paid up.

Could be something on you

by PacedNRunning - 2020-12-21 04:13:15

Could be something in your bag, jacket or purse. I've never set one off. My Apple Watch did. 

Alarming? No

by Gotrhythm - 2020-12-21 16:49:45

Like others, in almost 10 years, I've never set off an alarm.

I'm wondering if on your person you have one of those theft-prevention thingies, that stores attach to items to prevent shoplifting. Maybe somehow it didn't get removed when you bought the garment you were wearing. Just a thought. That happened to me one time.

Anyway, no need to worry about your pacemaker.

Store sensors

by Srd32 - 2020-12-21 19:16:00

Thanks for all of the comments. I definitely didn't have anything on me that would set it off. And it was almost every store I went in minus a one or 2.  It's a little worrisome that none of you have ever had this issue. Hopefully there isn't something wrong with my device. 


by Tracey_E - 2020-12-22 09:35:28

There's no reason to worry about your device. They are all made with the same alloys.  Each store uses different settings on their security. 

Store detectors

by WazzA - 2020-12-22 13:24:22

When I first had my PM I was very wary of sensors etc, but hardly give them a thought now. The only thing I do give a wide berth to are power generators such as those at fair grounds & road works & powerful magnets ! I would avoid a wand search too! 

Security Devices

by covinth - 2021-03-13 13:10:10

I cannot remember setting off any store security device in my 25-years with a PM.

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