Bandage removal

I just got a pacemaker replacemnt today. Everything went great.

My concern is having bandage taken off next week. My first pacemaker bandage, was quite painful ,when   removed.

Any suggestion's of what I can do ahead of time?


Next steps

by Persephone - 2020-12-16 19:20:01

Hi Tachy - it's great to hear that your PM replacement went well.  I haven't had a replacement myself and am not a medical professional, but I would say leave the site totally alone, as much as possible, until you return for the initial appt.  Any oozing, red streaks, or other symptoms that may indicate infection should of course be reported to your medical team immediately.  My wound (3 yrs ago) was contained with steri-strips that faded away gradually and did not cause pain upon removal - hopefully your new procedure included such measures to reduce the risk of pain.  Best wishes to you for a smooth initial appt and great days ahead.


by AgentX86 - 2020-12-16 20:36:37

Like Persephone, my EP used Steri-Strips (and glue).  They just sorta dry up and fall off.  When I went back for the wound check not all had fallen off so the nurse pulled the rest off.  It wasn't painful at all.

I'm surprised they still use normal bandages.  Yes, they do tend to stick.  You shouldn't be doing anything to the wound, however.   The risk of infection is just too high.

Ask them to be careful.  Maybe hold a cattle prod (or something else important) in one hand so if you flinch the nurse learns not to do that.


by tachy - 2020-12-17 06:50:23

Thank's for your thought's. I will just ask the nurse's for mercy.

Adhesive remover

by Mike417 - 2020-12-21 15:33:20

I have very delicate skin, which can be removed with the strong adhesives used at hospitals.  Go on Amazon and buy a box of Skin Tac Adhesive Remover.  They wipe down the bandage to dissolve the adhesive.


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