Need a cardiologist in San Diego area

If any one has a cardiologist they would recommend in the San Diego area I would greatly appreciate the information.  I have SSS and CI with dual-lead pacemaker.  

UPDATED 12/26/20:  I noticed I have received a lot of "views", but no comments.  So sharing my story.  Before my PM I was working six 10-hour days, running 1-2 flights of stairs, doing a very physical job.  I have now been put at a desk job, have to use the elevator and struggle to make it through 40 hours a week. I have hours each day I feel   mildly short of breath, with a very slight suffocating feeling and weird feeling in my throat.  If I continue to work I feel extremely exhausted, not a sleepy tired, which oddly enough seems to worsen if I sit down to rest.  During this my 02 sat staus between 90-93.  The only thing I can do is go to sleep.  I have called the Dr office and the PM Clinic, with no response.  Due to Covid,  I have only had 1 check-up in 9 months, at which time they activated rate response.   I know your body / PM have to get use to each other, but it has been 9 months.  I  At this point the only people I trust is on this site.  I feel unless you  live with a PM, you truly don't get it, thus I have the upmost respect  and trust in the advice from the people on this site.   Another question, since my SSS is from multiple areas of significant  RA scarring from heart surgery in the 60s, which made it hard to get a diagnosis, maybe I need to see a doctor that has seen old defect repaired people and can change my settings accordingly.???   Bottom line, I miss feeling good and having an active/ productive life.   I would greatly appreciate a reply to this post, or privately should you have a suggestion or a physician referral.  

Thank you in advance.



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