CRT-D and EF

I'm having a CRT-D in January and just wondering if others have seen much improvement in their Ejection Fraction afterwards. My EF is down to 15% from 30% 12 months ago, probably from several episodes of Atrial flutter and just getting back to 30% would do me.


Ejection Fraction (EF)

by Gemita - 2020-12-14 14:10:00

Hello Sandoval,

I am so pleased you have got a date for your CRT-D.  At least you can start making plans and get yourself organised (and I would put out the golf clubs to remind you of Spring and better times)!  

Your EF needs support and I hope the resynchronization therapy will slowly make a real difference and bring your EF back up to where it was 12 months ago.  I hope too that any arrhythmia, like Atrial Flutter, can be firmly controlled or even stopped because I feel certain this will make a real difference and help you recover some strength.

I hope CRT members will see your post and give you reassurance.  I believe CRT can take a little while to improve EF, and your doctors may need to help with meds and you may need to help with lifestyle - avoid stress, maintain a healthy weight and avoid salt come to mind - but I am sure you will know this.

Good luck Sandoval

Ejection Fraction (EF)

by Aberdeen - 2020-12-14 14:33:49

Sandoval,  I had a CRT pacemaker implanted in May of this year due to LVSD caused by a dual lead pacemaker. My ejection fraction was 41% . I had an echocardiogram in October and received the results last week. My ejection fraction is now 63%. I hope you get good results too-good luck!


Ejection fraction

by sandoval - 2020-12-14 16:43:13

Wow Aberdeen !  I don't want to get my hopes up that much but well done to you !


by Nanakandirae - 2020-12-14 20:27:45

I received my CRT-D August 2020. My EF was 15-20 I. November it had increased to 20-25.  I am on meds as well, which were just increased in the past few weeks. Drs are hoping that will increase my EF even more.

I am have been told by my Drs to remember everyone is different.

EF no change

by heartu - 2020-12-18 16:48:02

I got my crtd in January 2020. In June my echo showed no improvement in my EF of 35%. I am scheduled for another echo this January. Keeping fingers crossed it has improved so I dont need to add anymore meds. 

Funny thing is that I have had no shortness of breath or tiredness. I continue to exercise with no problems. Go figure!

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