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I bought my Mum a Portal a week ago and she had a dizzy spell which led to a fall. She is now in hospital due to her oxygen levels being low. I’m so worried that the Portal interfered with her PM and caused this as I have read it emites radio waves that can effect them. I am currently totally blaming myself for what has happened to her, has anyone else had an experience like this with a Portal? 


highly unlikely

by Tracey_E - 2020-12-13 21:20:23

I don't know exactly what a facebook portal is but there are virtually no household electronics we need to be wary of. That includes computers, routers, cell phones, tablets, gaming systems. Very worst case we find something that interferes, it can only interfere as long as it's less than 6" from our device, as soon as you remove it the pacer goes back to normal function. I'm sorry your mom is having problems, but please please do not blame yourself. It's something else. 

Family support

by Persephone - 2020-12-13 21:48:33

Dear moll333, as Tracey stated, it's very unlikely that your gift had anything to do with your mom's situation. Please take it easy on yourself, so you can be there for her as she mends and gets through this. Best wishes and take care.

Highly unlikely?

by AgentX86 - 2020-12-13 23:38:48

I'd say that's understating it greatly.  There is no chance it affected her pacemaker.  The fact that her pO2 levels are still low demonstrates that it wasn't EMI from anything.  She would have recovered when she was removed from the offending source (as Tracy said, there are none in most homes).  Don't beat yourself up.  It wasn't your fault.

Thank you

by Moll333 - 2020-12-14 07:08:57

Thank you for helping to put my mind at rest on this it means a lot. My Mum is still not well, she may be suffering with pneumonia but she’s in the hospital so getting the care she needs. The PM definitely saved her life after she had it fitted over five years ago, she’s 91 now.

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