Hi everyone,
Just got my pacemaker 2 days ago. I was terrified when the doctor said I need to have one and I'm very uncertain about how to live with it. I used  to exercise a lot, hitting the gym at least 3 times a week. I love the outdoors and used to go hiking and camping. I wonder if I ever will get to do those activities again. So glad to have found this group.


Back to normal

by Persephone - 2020-12-12 14:52:59

Hi djg2020 - I agree that it can be terrifying to suddenly face a pacemaker implant. I would say let yourself accept that it was actually scary as heck, because then you can move on past that, when you're ready. Please let your medical team know your lifestyle (active, hiking, etc) when you return for your first check and setting adjustments, and they should be able to work with you to ensure that you can still do all that fun and healthy stuff.

You can lead a normal life again once healing has taken place

by Gemita - 2020-12-12 15:15:22

Dear DJG2020,

Welcome to the world of pacemakers.  You will find many friends here to help you overcome any difficulties.

As Persephone says, tell your doctors how you want to live your life and they will make sure your pacemaker is set up appropriately for you.  

Of course you can live a normal life again, actually an even better one now with your pacemaker to protect you and to keep you safe.  Just remember for the first six weeks to follow your doctor's instructions about how to care for your wound and to avoid raising your pacemaker side arm above your shoulder when showering etc. but keep the pacemaker side arm gently moving to avoid shoulder problems from immobility.

You will be fine as you start to do more each day and realise what a blessing it is to have a pacemaker.  After the healing period of 6 weeks for wound care and safe arm movements, you will gradually be able to resume many normal activities.  I wish you well 


by barnet38 - 2020-12-12 16:37:19


I have had a pacemaker for 22 years and lead an active life that includes a lot of physical activity.  My underlying condition is congenital complete heart block, so the pacemaker fixes the problem.  I received my first pacemaker when I was 17, and am currently on my third generator.  I exercise regularly using the Peloton bike or app, and do a lot of outdoor activities, including hiking.    My husband and I have traveled to many of the US National Parks and normally do the longer, strenuous day hikes.  Hopefully you'll be back on the trail soon!


Back to normal

by AgentX86 - 2020-12-12 16:43:58

With very few exceptions, if you did it before your pacemaker you can do it after.  If you're really active you may need a little time and persistence to get your new friend tuned to the max.  Depending on the pacemaker, some activities may be more difficult than they were but 99% of  activities (all that you've listed) are no problem and you'll be back in the saddle before you know it.

Thank you... thank you

by djg2020 - 2020-12-12 17:02:50

Thank so very much Persephone, Gemita, barnet38 and AgentX86. Your comments are very encouraging.

it won't hold you back

by Tracey_E - 2020-12-13 19:47:35

There is no reason you can't do any of those things. The biggest difference is now you'll do them with more energy. There is nothing I want to do that I cannot. I do Crossfit, run, ski, kayak, hike, ride roller coasters, travel. When I camp, it's usually with a herd of Girl Scouts, they fuss that I pick hikes that are too hard. It's scary at first but as you heal and feel better, most of us find we forget about it. It's just a part of us. 

Don't rush recovery.

by Bigdan - 2020-12-14 16:10:52

I had mine put in in march and gradually have got back to full fitness doing everything I did beforehand with no drop in performance or increase in effort. 

I'm a firefighter and have returned to full operational duties. Hobbies wise am back in the mountains, walking, climbing and mountain biking. 

Hope you recover well but don't rush or force it.

Regards, Dan.

Thank you

by djg2020 - 2020-12-15 20:20:22

Thanks Tracey_E and Bigdan

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