Industrial Generators 5mw and high voltage transformers and HV chillers

HI I have just had my PM 27/11 fresh you could say.

I work at a local hospital and im gathering infromation regarding lagre electrical equipment,

Industrial Generators 5mw, high voltage (HV) transformers and HV chillers please if you can direct me to this info i would be greatfull. 



You need to get your employer to help

by crustyg - 2020-12-08 10:43:11

We've recently had someone who works in an Aluminium plant, with huge induction ovens to work the material, who asked a similar question.

The makers of the equipment you're around *may* be able to provide some information about the varying magnetic fields that they produce, but the key people are the manufacturers of your PM (BostonSci).  Like the other medical device manufacturers, they won't talk to end-users (us, the patients) directly, and although BostonSci are pretty relaxed about allowing access to good documentation to everyone there is a lot more documentation that they keep to themselves and their analyses of the impact of varying magnetic fields that they won't share with you.

In general, modern PMs with bipolar leads are not affected by much except when extremely close - perhaps 6inches, but powerful magnetic fields and high energy sparks (e.g. traditional non-TiG/MiG arc-welding) are the two areas where PM operation can be affected.  Mostly because the PM can't reliably pick up the normal electrical activity of your heart, so either your PM over-paces you, or it stops pacing, which is probably worse.

Big stuff

by AgentX86 - 2020-12-08 19:40:22

Yes the real issue here is strong magnetic fields, which is a very complicated issue.  Crusty has the right idea, though, unless you are the one making the guidelines, you need to get the hospital's human resource and/or industrial hygene departments to come up with the guidelines and stand behind them.  If you are responsible for guidelines, I'd suggest hiring a consultant to sort through this stuff. It's not a simple and input from the PM manufacturers is important, as well as someone well versed in the subject and governmental standards.

Again, the issue is magnetics.  The issue with large sparks, like welding, is that they causes large magnetic fields.  There are things that can be done to minimize the problem but it is a problem.  Welding is particularly problematic in an industrial setting where larger units are likely to be in operation and perhaps less attention is being paid to those of us with pacemakers than we would ourselves.  Keeping away from such things is really the only solution.  Your problem is to define what "such things" are and what "keep away" means.

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