Loose lead?

Hello again. I got a CRT-P just over 2-1/2 weeks ago, on November 19th. I had to get it after they determined that the dual-chamber that I got 6 years ago was pacing my right ventricle 100 % and was out of sync with the right side. Initally I was startled several days later when I realized that my shortness of breath was gone. Then last week I went in for my post-op follow-up and the technician checking my device said one of my numbers had increased in just over a week and I might have had a lead come loose. Since then my SOB is back as bad as it was before. So I may need to go get an x-ray to see if the keads are all still in place 

I'm hoping someone who has had a similar situation might tell me about their experience.  Like what happened and what do they have to do to reattach a lead? Thanks.

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Depends on which end has come loose - or if a lead has cracked

by crustyg - 2020-12-07 09:18:32

Re-attaching a lead at the PM end is a 10min job (although this should never be necessary as each lead is locked in place with a torque-wrench tightened grub-screw).  Replacing a lead that's come out of the heart muscle will involve placing a new lead, the same as replacing a lead that's failing or failed but is still attached at each end. Replacing a well-anchored lead that's cracked may involve removing the old, failed lead.  This is specialist work and you want to have this done by a centre that does 100+ a year - don't let an amateur have-a-go at this.

Replacing the LV lead for a CRT-x can be very difficult if that's the one that's come loose.  *IF* that is the case, don't despair, there are other ways of getting a lead to the LV to restore the CRT function.  There was quite a discussion about this some months ago.

How long the above takes, what precisely is involved depends a lot on what they find at X-ray/CT scan.

So, lots of things to worry about: try not to do this.  Wait until you have information.  Understanding often reduces anxiety and increases acceptance.

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