After a series of falls due to losing consciousness and many investigations by every hospital department the medical team said they had no idea what was the cause.  ECG tests had shown nothing irregular. I was progressing well with mild cardiomyopathy. So I had an internal Holter implant and within two weeks the problem was detected: sick synod syndrome. So I had a pacemaker and all is well.

My question is: does the Medtrr egg inicio monitor I was issued with when the Holter was implanted continue to monitor the pacemaker?

if not, I might as well return it to the hospital.



Could you please explain a little more

by Gemita - 2020-12-07 06:28:37

Holter implant - do you mean you have a Medtronic Reveal Linq Implant still in place ?

Now that you have a pacemaker implanted as well, it will be necessary for you to make sure that your clinic updates your records to ensure that your pacemaker is compatible with any monitor you still have in your possession so that you may connect up.  They did this for me when I attended clinic in July this year and I am now able to use my old Reveal Linq hardware to successfully read and transmit data from my pacemaker to my clinic.

If what you have in your possession is not compatible with your new pacemaker, then you should return your equipment to the hospital.  You could ask them if home monitoring could be set up for you, unless they need to see you in person.  By the way, I would keep the Reveal Linq implant (if indeed you have one) firmly in place while the battery lasts (3 years) since it is a really great asset to have for your doctors to see what your heart is doing.  

Good luck and glad to hear you finally have a diagnosis.  I went through something similar and the magic Reveal Linq picked up the problem too



by Choco - 2020-12-08 13:29:52

Thanks for your reply, apologies for weird spelling!  I alternate between English and Spanish keyboards.

The Holter implant was removed when the pacemaker was inserted.  I'm not sure what make/model of pacemaker, I'll look it up on my Informe, the medical record Spanish hospitals issue after each consultation or procedure.  They didn't ask for the machine to be returned and it hasn't been discussed in any subsequent visits to my cardio guy.

My life has changed so much since I got the pacemaker.  Before that I had several falls, nearly all without injury over a period of six years or so. But then things got worse and after two broken ankles, one bad head injury requiring metal staples and a skull fracture with brain bleed enough was enough.  Now at age 76 having lost my partner of forty years two years ago I have an active and full life whilst quietly coping with grief.

Public  medical care in Spain is just superb, by the way.  Professional and so caring.


Implant monitor

by Gemita - 2020-12-08 14:06:39


Yes when my pacemaker was implanted, my hospital did not ask for my Reveal Linq telephone monitor back nor Patient Assistant.  My Reveal Linq implant stayed in for over 3 years!!  They should have removed it at the time of implanting my pacemaker but I hadn't signed for its removal, so they could not remove at the time of implant.  But this turned out to be better for me, since my doctor has used it to capture all my rhythm disturbances, since it holds more detailed information than the pacemaker.

Choco I am truly sorry about the loss of your partner of 40 years, two years ago.  You are very brave and strong to keep going.  I note despite your grief you are able to live a full life in Spain and I hope your friends and any family are taking good care of you.  My hubby is from Italy and we have been married for over 40 years.  I cannot imagine life without him.

You sound as though your pacemaker was absolutely necessary and long overdue and I am glad that you are at last protected as you deserve.  I send my best wishes to you


by Choco - 2020-12-08 18:24:42

Thank you for those kind and warm words❤️
I guess you are in the US of A?

Before a sick sinus was discovered as the culprit for my loss of consciousness I couldn't bend down to pick up things or put on shoes. Now I can do most things, probably more than most people of my age. I walk five miles by the sea most days with my dog...he's Choco!!

My last check up was October and everything was fine. Unless something happens I'm not due to see my cardiologist at the hospital until April 2022!   Because of COVID all appointments with my doctor at the local health centre are done over the phone initially but he will see me in his clinic if necessary which thankfully hasn't been. We can renew prescriptions over the phone. I take Carvedilol, Amlodopino, Valsartan and Omeprazol daily. These are Spanish brand names.   
I lived in Prague for three years, came here in 2008 and am now a Spanish citizen. If you're unlucky enough to fall sick, Spain is a great place to be!

Buenas noches..

You have a friend in Choco !!

by Gemita - 2020-12-08 18:59:32

No! yo vivo en Inglaterra circa del Londres, pero tenemos famialiares en Sud America (Uruguay).

I am delighted you are feeling so much better and have such a wonderful health service in Spain.  

We are from all parts of the world on this Pacemaker Club and you will soon make lots of friends.  I am 100% British, although my mother was German!!

I take Lansoprazole and beta blocker Bisoprolol and an anticoagulant (Edoxaban).  I have Sick Sinus Syndrome (Tachy/Brady Syndrome).  I kept losing consciousness before my pacemaker and now feel so much better.  

Buenas noches to you and to Choco xx

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