I am going to have a replacement lead at 8am tomorrow and just want to thank everyone who put up with my question since June when I became unwell, a very special thank you Gemita who gave me the confidence and knowledge to converse with my EP to get the outcome I needed, so a big hug to you Gemita from me.

It 11am so I need to get some sleep god bless all zzzzzz


I am keeping my fingers crossed

by Gemita - 2020-11-24 19:21:49

Oh Maureen, go to sleep now and don't be late tomorrow for your procedure.  I wish you all the very very best and hope the outcome will be a complete success and that you will be able to enjoy a normal life again very soon.

Be confident, don't have any doubts, encourage your doctors to do the right thing for you this time, so that everyone will come away happy.

Therese xx

Best wishes

by crustyg - 2020-11-25 06:43:35

I hope all goes well for you Maureen.

good luck!

by Tracey_E - 2020-11-25 07:00:06

I hope all goes smoothly! Check in when you can. 

New lead

by maureen.coxsey - 2020-11-26 16:56:32

Hi All

So the new top lead is in and working a treat, no more thundering beats in my neck in fact can't can feel when I am pacing. 

Old lead still in the vein capped and buried in the PM pocket. 

Unfortunately post op I had a seizure CT scan has come back normal I am told I have had a TIA so still in hospital on blood thinning meds I have slight weakness on my left side and feel like I have brain fog, I am told I will make a full recovery within weeks and have been offered physio.

Even tho I obviously wish I was feeling better than I do the PM feels great. 

Just one question for you tho, when I had the PM in 23years ago I was told it was due to heart block 2nd degree I now have 3rd degree AV block I think this means compete block is there anything I should ask the Dr about this or is this a natural progression of heart block.

Hope I can go home soon hospital is not the most restful places xx thanks for your support 

I wish you well soon

by Gemita - 2020-11-26 17:50:52

Maureen, first so happy you are feeling the benefits already of the new lead but concerned to hear about the TIA.  I am afraid TIAs can happen during these type of procedures which is one of the risks.  I am hopeful you will make a full recovery though.  They will probably need to watch you and give you anticoagulation and make sure you are safe before you can leave but it will be in your interests to stay until they are confident all is well.

At this stage I wouldn't worry asking questions about blocks and pacing.  I would just recover from your TIA and ask plenty of questions about this so that when you go home you can stay safe and know what to look for.  It could be that once the new lead and your heart has settled down following the procedure your block situation might change, even improve so whatever they found today may change with time.  Please take good care and welcome back Maureen.  Therese xx

ps I have sent you a private message.  Hope you managed to get some sleep

TIA and heart block

by AgentX86 - 2020-11-26 19:59:29

You don't mention which sort of second degree heart block but Mobitz-II progression to third degree is almost inevitable (Mobitz-I is often reversable).  23-years is more than a long time for this progression. Both require a pacemaker.

I don't know the definiton of a TIA is on that side of the pond but here I've never heard it referrred to anything other than  temporary (i.e. effects lasting less than 24 hours).  My brother had a stroke a few weeks ago, was hospitalized for a few days, then flew cross country to see his cardiologist, (and hotel us) less than a week after getting out of the hospital.  He still has some aftereffects, like weakness on his left side,  though was considered a stroke, though minor.  It's just a name, I suppose but there is a difference.  Many don't know they've had a TIA and treatment is often unnecessary.

The "clot-busters" they have now are amazing things and save countless lives.  They may have saved more than his lifestyle, anyway.  The alternative was surgery, removing a piece of the top of his skull and fishing around for the clot. Needless to say, he wouldn't have been on a plane flying more than 2000 miles a week later.

Anyway, I'm glad you're doing well and getting better.  Anticoagulants, except for some being expensive as hell, aren't a lifestyle problem.  Yeah, I bleed a little more, particularly from sharp cuts (paper cuts, esp.) but otherwise it's no big deal.  Any severe head blow to the head (auto accident) will be a trip to the ER but they are a lifesaver. 

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