Broken Lead ??

 Several night's ago  I rolled from my left to the right side. Instantly I had a sharp stabbing pain from my pacemaker area in fact I thought something had penetrated the skin ( PM is on right side) . Right as that happened my heart rate slowed way down and I felt like passing out. It was not going away so I thought ok sit up and see how that is. Still the same thing. I laid back down and still I felt like passing out and my heart rate was slow.. Still everytime when I move my right arm I get the feeling like I’m going to pass out

I went in yesterday for a device check. I had 2 Medtronic reps at first and right away there is an issue with the top lead they said . As well as the extra beats ( that’s what I call it) that its causing. They said it’s because it’s out of sync with the bottom leads. They tried to put my PM into different modes and nothing worked. They also noticed moving my arm around made it worse. Of course all the heart Drs are out of town in the office . They also said I need to go for a X ray. They called in another rep for advice who hooked me up for about 15 seconds and said ohh you are ok, live with it and don’t listen to them. I tried telling him it’s when I move my arm around and he didn’t listen. He said it’s impossible to break or dislodge a lead after so many years. I’m just lost on what to do now


Push harder - you need to see an EP doc ASAP

by crustyg - 2020-11-24 16:03:34

Anyone who tells you that it's impossible to break or dislodge a lead after so many years is a liar, or a fool.  From the heart muscle, perhaps, but at the PM end - most certainly possible.

You need to push to see an EP-doc, ASAP.  Don't accept any delaying, prevarications, any excuses.  You need to see a real Doctor who does EP-work and you need it NOW.

Oh, BTW, congratulations on your 145th birthday anniversary!  It did make me laugh!

Broken lead

by maureen.coxsey - 2020-11-24 18:51:59

I am going in tomorrow to have a broken lead replaced at 8am I had similar symptoms to you t took me 4 months to get them to listen. 

All I can say is keep fighting, write down any events such as odd beats, dizziness or pain insist on speaking to your EP and be ready to fight for what u need this is the advise I was given I followed it and I will be sorted in just a few hours

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