Vitatron pacemaker

Hello! Is there anyone on this forum who has a vitatron pacemaker? I made my first replacement a month and a half ago. The first was a medtronic. With this pacemaker I have noticed that at certain times of the day I hear 3 beats. That is, at 8:30 exactly, at 11:30 and at 2:30. This happens day and night. During the examination, the doctor did not find anything abnormal.



by AgentX86 - 2020-11-22 19:14:40

I'd never heard them before but a few things made me suspect that it was Medtronic (feaure names and such) and sure enough, it's owned by Medtronic.  That said, you're the first I've run across who has one.

The datasheets are on the web but little else (comparisons, use cases, etc.). 


by ranita - 2020-11-23 13:16:46

Yes it is a subsidiary of medtronic. I have not found enough information on the internet. Vitatron is a Dutch company, quite old.

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