ELA medical KORA 250 DR

With this uit fitted my Garmin 810 and Bryton units give erratic heart beat indication whilst cycling.  If I put in abit of effort they both indicate heart rate of 200bpm.

Can anyone assist



by Tracey_E - 2020-11-22 11:26:53

Monitors are generally not accurate when we are paced. The pacer can interfere so they don't count accurately, they can pick up pacer spikes as beats, I've had them show no reading at all. Counting manually is the most accurate. I don't count at all if I feel good, I assume whatever my rate is must be good. 

It seems to depend a lot on the person

by crustyg - 2020-11-22 13:14:03

There is a wealth of experience here about various monitors and chest straps: the latter are great for some folk, and don't work reliably for others.  I've never had problems with chest strap Lead I HR monitors (except when I was too foolish to believe them), having used Forerunner 301 and later, Garmin chest strap ANT+ with my Edge 520.

My foolishness is that during the early years of my journey to AFlut, my Forerunner chest strap would sometimes read 200BPM or more, and I didn't believe it.  Turns out it was correct (exercise induced tachy-arrythmia eventually ending in AFlut). 

Your comment "If I put in abit of effort they both indicate heart rate of 200bpm" sounds a lot like my previous experience - the key component was suddenly feeling terrible and being unable to exercise at the previous level.

HR Monitor

by CLE - 2020-11-22 15:00:21


I use a polar HR monitor and have found that I need to rotate the chest strap so that the left pickup is in the center of my chest and the right one is at the center of my back. It works most of the time. 

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