How to spot AFIB on Pacemaker Readout

I have never been told I have AFIB but on recent pacemaker readout the tech said something about  AFib. I have copy of the readout so how to I spot Afib in all this data.  I did for one of the very few time have some episodes last March and April.  They were Peak A Rate.

I have Zephyr DR5820.

For last 65 years I have been told I have irregular heat beat but never kept me from flying.  I also have SVT but take low dose metropol.

I would be most gratful if some here could coach me on how to read this printout data for spotting afib.  I know a bit about Afib as my wife has coped with Afib.

thanks, Bob


You need to post copy of your ECG in gallery

by Gemita - 2020-11-20 21:37:58

Bob, have you got a copy of an ECG that you can place in the picture gallery so members who are able could comment on it?  There are lots of good you tube videos that can teach you what to look for but don't expect to learn overnight!!  It takes time to accurately assess one rhythm from another, although an irregular rhythm like AFib will stand out from a regular one.

The other point I should make is that a pacemaker ECG may look different from an unpaced ECG especially if the patient is actually being paced at the time the ECG is taken, so getting someone to help you won't be as straightforward as you might hope.  There are lots of factors to take into consideration.  I expect many of us are trying to understand our ECGs - I certainly am and with multi focal atrial tachycardia my disturbances are really all over the place!  It is quite a study.

Maybe this link will help.  See in particular Step 4 - P Waves to help diagnose AFib.  Good luck


by AgentX86 - 2020-11-21 00:06:41

Gemita is correct.  Irregular heartbeats are easy to see on an EKG.  It's a harder to separate Afib from Aflutter (it really doesn't matter from your perspective).  You won't see Afutter on a single lead EKG but it's possible on a six lead.

I'd recommend getting a Kardia Mobile.  If you want to learn to read EKGs, I'd further suggest the six-lead version.  For $90 or $150, they're a good investment.  You can send the EKG strips to your cardiologist/EP if they'll bother to look at them (you should find someone who will).  These will do a reasonable job of identifying Afib.

Depends on the read out

by PacedNRunning - 2020-11-23 07:03:30

If it's the PM read out called EGM, you will see more Atrial Or AS beats than V; VS or ventricular beats.  It will look irregular. If it's an ECG, you can look up online images of Afib and compare. 

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