shoulder pain after surgery

How long does the pain in the back of the shoulder last. I've had the op 2 weeks and the pain is really bad.


are you moving?

by Tracey_E - 2020-11-19 16:04:38

You shouldn't be lifting anything heavy and don't raise the arm above shoulder level, but aside from that it's important to use the arm normally. Not using it can lead to frozen shoulder. 

I usually make a trip to the chiropractor after any surgery. Sometimes they are more gentle with us than others. 

Are you icing? Ice can help with the pain as much as or more than pain meds.

If the pain is that bad, if it's not getting better, you should probably give them a call just to make sure nothing else is going on. 

You need to be seen, face to face, and may need a CXR

by crustyg - 2020-11-20 06:32:54

I concur with Tracey_E.  If the pain is still really bad two weeks later on, then you need to be reviewed by the EP doc that did the implantation.  You probably need a Chest X-ray.

Don't be fobbed off, polite and firm insistence on your part.  This *could* be quite serious.

Best wishes.

shoulder pain after surgery

by TYE - 2020-11-21 10:58:04

Thanks crustyg & Tracey

I've been back to hospital and there's no problem (!!!!!) I've been given strong pain killers - we'll see but still in great pain!

Does everyone have really bad pain - it's indescribable pain? 


No, many of us are very lucky!

by crustyg - 2020-11-21 13:11:19

"Does every have really bad pain..?" - 'fraid not.  Some of us are very lucky, but perhaps it's more 'No Sense, No Feeling' in my case.  Although the pain of having the pocket created was pretty intense - the local didn't really cover that.

Anyway, glad that you haven't got a pneumothorax or displaced lead.

not for me

by Tracey_E - 2020-11-21 14:08:14

We all have different tolerances for pain, and I've been told my tolerance is pretty high. I used pain meds the first day or two, then a few times after that at night. The rest of the time, tylenol worked just fine and by the end of the first week I wasn't on anything. I would really question severe pain two weeks later. 

What did they do at the hospital? Hopefully did an xray to check the leads and checked for fluid around the heart. If it's not better in a day or two, I'd follow up with your surgeon. 

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