Whelps at pacemaker site

Last night I woke up and had a whelp that looked like a huge mosquito bite above my pacemaker incision site. It was itchy but went away.. it's been itchy all day today.. tonight I have another whelp in the same area but not the same place.. This time it's below my incision.. I've had my pace maker for like 3 1/2yrs.. Has anyone else had this happen? If so, what caused it?


Allergic reaction ?

by Gemita - 2020-11-15 06:57:52

Hello TRS34577,

I wonder if this is an allergic reaction to either your pacemaker (yes even after all this time) or to something you have eaten/taken ?  Because it seems to be located around your pacemaker site, I would get an immediate assessment from your doctor.

Have you by chance changed any medication recently?  Some meds can cause these skin problems which can be very itchy.  My husband developed hives with Ace Inhibitor Ramipril which stopped on cessation of the med.  

Bottom line, seek early advice in case this is an allergic reaction or signs of infection . . . or perhaps it will turn out to be an insect bite ?

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