Pacemaker poking

Does anyone feel the pacemaker poking their heart or is it only me idk how to describe it, i don't want to say tiny electrical shocks but maybe poking is a better way to describe it 

Ps. I have had my pacemaker for 1 month 


Electrical shocks

by Flo - 2020-11-14 11:19:23

Omar, my pacemaker is on the right side and I once felt what I described to the cardiologist as electrical shocks going from my right side to the left side.  There was no explanation for it and I haven’t felt it since.  It’s been a while back but was disturbing at the time. 


by AgentX86 - 2020-11-14 13:15:47

I won't tell you what you feel but in the first few months many of us feel weird sensatoins as the wound heals and nerves mend.  I would certainly raise this issue to your cardiologist/EP but I wouldn't expect much investigation this soon after your surgery.

Feeling the Pacemaker

by Marybird - 2020-11-15 13:30:03

The best description I could come up with for how my pacemaker felt for a time after the surgery was that it felt as though someone had pinned a corsage to my chest- right onto the bare skin. That was, a feeling of a very light weight in the area, and of course the pocket incision as it healed.

With time, the slight sting of the incision went away, but occasionally I still feel that slight weight- when I am thinking about it, I guess, it's easy to forget about it at this point. Sometimes that slight weight feeling is accompanied by a very mild sort of ache, thinking this might come about from a position change when I lean over to my right side or to the front, but the ache doesn't occur often.

I have had the pacemaker since June 2019, and still feel some tenderness when the pacemaker pocket is poked gently. So I don't touch it. Kind of like my belly button, I guess. 


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