Any Suggestions?

41 on 3rd pm put in nov 2006. 18 yr old leadwires. left arm numb, pain, tingles, twitches since nov implant. cardiol. says not related to pm. problems swallowing- throat tightens up like muscles frozen. says not related to pm.all this started in nov. dizzy spells and fainting since may. discussed putting in new leads with new pm in nov. card. insisted we get as much time as possible out of them. 6 months down the road, i am fainting. about to be divorced with no health insurance in one month. any suggestions?



by jessie - 2007-06-15 02:06:56

you know if you are fainting it is always a bad sign. go to cardiologist again. something is wrong.seeing as you still ahve healthcare coverage go now and if necessary get another opinion. this is serious. don't fool around with it jessie

any suggestions?

by luckyloo - 2007-06-15 05:06:58

you could see a gastroenterologist to check out your swallowing problem. he/she can order a swallowing study and an esophageal manometry (EMG of esophagus) to check for strictures. when under stress sometimes the esophagus can spasm and an esophageal stretching needs to be performed . these are done with endoscopy. endoscopy's can also get an inside view of the esophagus to make sure the lining looks good...check for GERD, things like that.

you could also see a neurologist...arm numbness, tingling, twitching could be signs of autoimmune disease or muscular diseases like MS, ALS. these are serious conditions ...not to scare you but maybe you should see a neurologist. they can do an EMG of your arm and some blood work...ANA, RA, ESR plus others that look for auto immune disorders. swallowing difficulties can go hand in hand with auto immune diseases. if your blood work comes back positive for auto immune disease then they'll have to check further for which one. internal scleraderma has swallowing difficulties as well as elevated labs.

keep us posted...

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